What Midwest Area Events you are excited in 2022?

The WORS mountain bike race series is pretty cool in Wisconsin.
The Cherry Roubaix is my absolute favorite road event (although it’s been canceled for the last two years) … it’s in the Traverse City Area, as is The Iceman MTB race.
The Rough Road 100 is my favorite event near Chicago

Others have mentioned the other events I love … the Barry Roubaix being chief among them.


Crit scene: Snake Alley Crit is back and part of 4 days of racing across Memorial Day weekend.

Gravel Scene: Heck of the North is a great late season challenge.

This year will be my first Rough Road 100 @batwood14. Looking forward to it!


If gravel is your thing take a look at The Epic 150 in Warsaw, Mo. There is also a 90 mile course. No long climbs, but LOTS of little 1-2 minute climbs.

My favorite MTB race ( I almost don’t want to tell anyone) is BT Epic in Steeleville, Mo. Awesome end of season race! The race director and his crew are fantastic folks and the party afterward is amazing.


I’m signed up for the Barry Roubaix and might jump into more Michigan gravel race series events that are pretty local to me.

I forgot and missed the sign up for the Lumberjack 100, so I am back and forth between the Mohican 100 or the Lutsen 99er as an A event.

Otherwise it will just be Michigan’s local MTB series plus Ore 2 Shore and Iceman.

EDIT: Looks like Lutsen is sold out, so that decision is easier I guess.

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Dustbowl 100
Roughroad 100
Little Apple 100 (because it’s on my home turf)


We should all put links to these events so others can easily click on them.

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I got in for the Lumberjack100, never been, pretty excited for that.

Also, signed up for the Mohican 100 (miles). I did the 100k back in 2019 but have never done the 100mi. Should be a tough day!


Is there a website or link for the MTB series in Michigan?

Have you done the Little Apple before? What’s it like? I never heard of it until last year….

Did you get a spot for Black Fork? It sold out in just a few days and I completely missed it. I gotta find a new spring ride now.

Yup, got a spot.

I’m not sure where you’re located but Griffin Bike Park in Terre Haute, IN puts on a gravel race, it’s April 16th.


The event list is not updated for 2022, but the registration for Yankee Springs in April is open on BikeReg. I don’t see the sign up for the actual series right now though. There are more experienced riders on this forum that might know more than me, but the Michigan MTB series seems more chaotically organized in general.

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Minnesota here. I had plans to race 5 or so events this season, but an injury has kept me off the bike since mid/early December so I’ve been reluctant to pay reg fees. I did throw down on Le Grand du Nord though, but would love to do:

  • Ragnarok 105 (April 16)
  • Le Grand du Nord (May 28)
  • Lutsen 99er (June 26)
  • The Fox (July 30-31)
  • Hollo Gravel Classic (Aug 20)

None of these are “big” events per se


There’s a gravel race in the Haute?!

Yup. Last year they called it the Garbage Mountain Gravel Grinder, not sure they’re still calling it that, just says gravel race on their calendar… GBP events

. [quote=“batwood14, post:29, topic:67692, full:true”]
Have you done the Little Apple before? What’s it like? I never heard of it until last year….

I’ve done it a couple times now. It’s a no frills bike race. It’s fine. I do it because it’s local and takes place on many of the roads I ride regularly.
The course is limestone gravel roads and it’s pan flat.
I enjoy it, but I wouldn’t drive any kind of distance for this one.


Well hot damn. I grew up there, haven’t been back in years, totally forgot they’d built that bike park. Wonders never cease!

I had to look this one up. I had scheduled 24 Hours of Cumming, but did tour of central Iowa replace that?

I’m also looking at doing the Prairie Burn 100 in Grinnell.

Steve Cannon has decided to call it quits on 24HOC. Tour of Central Iowa will be run by Sarah Cooper, Steve Fuller, and Dori Jansma(Relentless Events). Start and finish in Cumming, but the 380 mile won’t be a 4 loop format like 24HOC was.

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I’m already signed up for
Marji Gesick 50
Barry Roubaix

I rode the Dirty 30 last year and really enjoyed it. In 2020 I did the Crusher EX 40 and LOVED that format. I was signed up for the 100 last year but couldn’t make it work with my schedule. I’m going to really try to make it happen this year.