What Midwest Area Events you are excited in 2022?

I’ve never used a camelbak. I’m going to carry an extra bottle or two. Last year the warm water at the last aid station killed me. Hopefully, i have the opportunity to cool down this year. The last 10 miles was very hard last year.

Are you referring to the water-only aid station as the “last” aid station?

I’m also considering having my daughter (who is coming down with us, but not riding) heading out to some of the approved spots with cold drinks.

If I’m remembering correctly, it was the last manned station, i believe i missed the last unmanned station. I was in rough shape, and i don’t remember stopping.

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I am unable to attend Dustbowl this year. Everyone enjoy

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Man I’m glad to hear Lutsen was slower than usual. I orignally signed up for the 99er but switched to the 49er when the course was altered. Turned it into a family vacation instead.

I was a bit disappointed in my 4 hour time, thinking that’s correlate to an 8+ hour 99er. I thought that section leading to Onion River Road was awful. That section made me so glad I dropped down to the 49er!

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I’m also skipping the Dust Bowl this year due to a personal conflict, but that weather forecast has me feeling pretty good about not being able to make it. I think it’s going to be even hotter than last year?!

Now saying scattered AM storms, but clear in the afternoon…high of 93*.

I"m hoping :crossed_fingers:

Great race….hot, but not miserable, IMO (but I like the heat).

Didn’t make the best pre-race dinner decisions and that may have impacted me today. Was disappointed I couldn’t stay with the front group longer, but the repeated VO2 max efforts just drained me…let’s felt like they had no pop. Finally got sawed off at mile 35.

Was in a pretty dark place for a bit, but my daughter was at the BP station at mile 44 with a Coke, so I just set my sights on getting to her. Dropped my Camelbak with her (no need for it any longer since having to stay with a group was no longer an issue :crazy_face:), downed half a Coke and got going. Got a second wind from ~mile 48-66, when I saw her again.

My buddy I came down with had since gotten dropped from the lead group and I was about 5 min behind him, so he waited and we powered on together. Passed a lot of riders in the last 35 miles…got a bit of satisfaction from seeing one guy who had been unnecessarily aggressive with his positioning sprawled out at the 77 Mile aid station, helmet off and clearly cooked. Too bad, so sad. :man_shrugging:

Came across the line arm & arm with my buddy…but he pipped me for 3rd in our AG by .13”. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

There is a reason they call it the Dustbowl 100……:scream:


Great job

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I lost the front pack when I belly flopped down the hill to the first(?) covered bridge at mi 48. I knew positioning there was crucial for the uphill after, but so did everyone else unfortunately. Saw a couple others fly into the woods. There was a couple photogs there so hoping I at least get a good pic out of it :rofl:

Solo’d in from there for a 5:01 finish time.


Yeah, that hill coming up from the bridge was where my buddy lost touch with the front group….those descents were definitely tricky, especially the hard right at the bottom of the first one. I totally misjudged that one….:crazy_face:

5:01….dayum. :dash::dash::dash:

Anyone riding Gravel Worlds this year? Saw it in @Shanew50273 's original post.

Good ride

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If anybody needs a Grav Worlds 150 entry, lmk before 8/1! Would love to get rid of mine.

Quick update on The Divide race in Manton, MI - part of the Michigan Gravel Race Series.

I raced it yesterday, and I can report that it was not my cup of tea. The roads were sandy gravel (loose on top of hard in most place), two track, or flat out hike-a-bike sand pits. I consider myself a fairly aggressive, capable and not-timid descender and the descents in this race scared the poop out of me … just a parade of blind corners on single lane roads with loose surface.

On the plus side, the organizers marked the course well, you can tell it’s a labor of love for them and they love their little slice of the world. It’s a well run little event.

But I prefer to stay on my bike and pedal it. I don’t do cyclocross for a reason :wink: I understand these backroads have some obstacles, but I think a mid-distance (30-70 miles) gravel race should provide something like a 70% probability for every rider to ride 100% of the race.

Anyway, I got 4th in my age group and 20th overall … out of a relatively small field. I won’t be back for this one again, but if your gravel racing taste leans towards the “steeplechase” end of the spectrum, this one might be for you.

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I’m riding the 150 at Gravel Worlds. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the race. Guess I will find out first hand.


I am also doing Gravel Worlds 150. Really looking forward to it as my first big ride. Had a friend do it last year and he had a blast.

A local ride in SE Iowa has $1000 prize for the top man and woman September 24th. Details here. - The gravel and dirt around here is really awesome and would love to have some of you come and win.


I’m only doing the 75mi. My first time doing it.

My ancestors homesteaded a farm just a stone’s throw away from Lincoln. Only felt proper.

You ready for 10k ft of elevation change?

The Mann Powered 380 starts Saturday morning at 6am central! Feel free to follow my progress here: The Mann Powered 300 | GPS Tracking powered by Follow My Challenge

Weather is looking to be hot with a high of 96 :hot_face:

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