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I like the commentary that you have, so I don’t want to watch a movie. And when I ride on the road, it seems like the ride goes so much quicker. I came from Expresso that we had at the YMCA. It would really add to the immersion experience. Think about it. It has value and I would be willing to pay for it and so would others. At least I’ll post a survey to see if others are interested.

I don’t think TR needs our help doing marketing and user research, :slight_smile:

They have a solid stance on leaving the entertainment to each person. It’s the right choice, IMHO, because they can’t possibly please everyone with one choice (music, video playback, virtual world, etc.)

I support that stance, because people can choose as much or as little as they want or need to make their desired training experience.

If you want and are willing to pay for additional entertainment, you can use something like Zwift in addition to TR. Many of us have been doing that for years.

Here is how you can do it:

There are other apps like Rouvy, FulGaz, and pending ones from Virtugo and Road Grand Tours that are video and/or virtual cycling experiences.


Like Zwift. My feeling it would add a great immersive dimension to the rides. I still like the coaching screen that pops up. I would be willing to pay a small premium to have this option. Who else would? Or am I barking in the dark?

Not sure we need two separate threads on this and the TR guys said they’re not going to do it anyway. If you really want that there are already several options out there…


IMO it is just fine that trainerroad and zwift are two separate apps.

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And we don’t really need 2 threads on the same topic. (I merged the second thread at the bottom of the first thread.)


“I don’t think TR needs our help doing marketing and user research.”

In the past 2 months I have advised 6 friends (and dozens of others in our local mtb group) on selection and buying trainers and setting up training software. I gave 3 of them free 30 Day Trainer Road trails.

5 of the 6 are now training on Zwift.
I would say this is PRIMARILY because of the social engagement and online activities like group rides and races.
The gamification and achievement validation on Zwift is extremely effective. I am on Zwift for the group races now too, because I don’t want to be left out of the fun!

I normally prefer the focussed, and specific approach of Trainer Road; suit up, activate trainer, workout, shower. I find the new Calendar has broken down the previous simplicity of plan training and it seems to have made the system unappealing to the new users I know, even with a 30 day free trial.

I think the power of the social connectivity element of Zwift is a strong influence on new users. Friends like to train “with” friends. They want to see what other friends are doing, and what plans they are using. They want to “high-five” each other. Scheduled group events or workouts seem to get people who are only moderately committed to a training plan engaged.

My reference sample is small. What does the greater market research say?

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Do you think that maybe Trainerroad and Zwift are targeting different segments of the market?


Where else does TrainerRoad get their marketing and user research other than from us? So IMHO we are the ones they need to be listening to. As for bherbers comment, definately, Zwift and TrainerRoad are hitting different segments and that doesn’t exclude adding similar features. I have not tried Zwift, but used to ride Expresso at the YMCA and it was highly motivating to ride visually and against yourself and others. The immersion is wonderful

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I agree, of course, I’ve only had the experience with Expresso. But the added training info I get from TrainerRoad is awesome. I don’t see why it can’t be even better, but that would likely require more subscribers or a higher subscription price to offset the development costs and the value offered. I think it’s worth it and would be willing to pay a bit more.

Is picture in picture support or split screen for the iOS app on the roadmap? I’ve used Netflix as the smaller app before but it would be cool the other way round

First of all, TR would be starting from scratch and Zwift has a huge head start. Also think about the development costs and manhours involved in creating something like this. TR does not have VC funding…they can’t just go out and get another round of funding and throw a bunch of money at the problem. It would potentially take years of development, while Zwift continues to gain even more of a foot hold in this area. Even if TR decided this was something it wanted to do, it would be very unlikely that TR would ever see any type of actual return on its investment. It just makes no sense at all for TR to try to undertake something like this from a business perspective.

Second, riding around with a bunch of other little avatars in a virtual world will not make you faster. As Nate and many others associated with TR have stated over and over, TR’s sole mission is to make you faster. Personally (and I think many other users agree), I don’t want my indoor training to replicate outdoor rides. I want my indoor training to be better than outdoor rides–which is what TR already delivers.


Personally, TR is for training for me, tried riding online, too many distractions, people texting and giving thumbs up etc. I have 2 hours set aside to focus on me and my riding goals. My motivation is watching the target number and sticking to it, my split screen has either rear or side camera set up to check form. These are the videos that add value to me, not my avatar’s new jersey or glowing wheels. On the weekend we do a social ride and catch up. Just my 2 cents worth.


Zwift is fun and keeps you fit.

TrainerRoad is tough and makes you fast.

There’s a difference, and I like that TR is so ‘stripped’ down… Purely functional.

I think for TR to deviate from this would water down the efficacy of their offering, in the name of ‘fun’… and I’m not sure that most users want TR to be fun.


Uhm yeah no on this one for me. I tried Zwift and it was novel for about 4 rides and then I cancelled it. Unless I’m trying to get 3 - 4 hours in the on the trainer (which I don’t) I found it to be a waste of time.

I just cast youtube, or use Roku, or whatever I feel like watching in the background.

MHO is it would be a huge waste of TR resources to mess with competing with Zwift, Full Gaz, or others.


Agree. For me there is a clear differentiation between training and riding. If I want a social ride I’ll go outside and have one. TR is for training.

I have used Zwift for running though, especially as winter is coming (and only as it’s free, I wouldn’t pay for it). It’s not the ‘game’ as such that’s good, but seeing the real time pace, km and other splits and heart rate data on the screen that works really well and saves looking down at the watch which is sometimes not easy when doing intervals on the treadmill.

Now if TR could just be used as a heads up display on the screen with pace (or running power), HR and splits and a graph to follow that would be great…


Can we have instructional text options? I find it distracting sometimes when I’m in the middle of a long training and the text is covering the movie I’m watching.

I love the self entertainment options, training with other or “racing” online ends up being a pissing contest instead of training for me personally :slight_smile:

You can turn off text and text sounds in app settings


Right in the Settings:

Turn off “Show Instructional Text”

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