Velo: Red Bull Buys Majority Stake of Bora-Hansgrohe

I had no idea that INEOS was a petro chemical company. It makes the grenadiers an odd addition to the name. ‘Petrochemical warriors’?

Right, because BIG SOCK got into the game and is using road cycling as the gateway to sell their seedy wares…

Of course the UCI regulates stuff, but WADA is the apparent king when it comes to stuff like caffeine. To that end, it is totally permissible (with some rather high upper limit IIRC?) and sounds like it will be from the bit I know.

A company like RB stepping in is hardly a trigger I’d see WADA or UCI using as a trigger to implement or consider a change. That is just a massive leap and would be clearly questioned unless they had some viable reason related to safety, performance or other avenues that these bodies use to drive their restrictions.


Well they’re rebooting the Land Rover Defender as the “Grenadier” gas guzzler as a spin off. INEOS have fingers in many pies, but predominantly petro chemicals and plastics.

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You are right. Red Bull does have other ingredients, but it’s widely consumed, it just got me thinking about sponsors, and apparently I’m not as knowledgeable about them than I thought I was. It’s a mess, but a necessity for the various sports. Although I was happy that Big Tobacco was dropped from NASCAR and other sponsor deals. Sponsorships are a powerful marketing tool/weapon. I’m just sad that more sustainable industries aren’t able to support more sports, or that sponsorships aren’t flat out ended, or more regulated. As if that would ever happen. Money talks…

So I’m going back to bed. I caught covid on my Christmas junket, and I should probably have stayed in bed. This :microbe: sucks… I guess, would I turn down huge money? It’s an interesting question. Would I accept money from a polluting sponsor just to have nice things and compete? I don’t know…

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  • Lame sauce. I had it last year and was down for about 10 days IIRC, so I know it can suck. Rest up and feel better.

@robcow Think you mean Saudi Arabia. UAE has other issues.


Speaking of big money sponsorship ….

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Do they sponsor something now or are you suggesting one here?

That’s the free market speaking. If you don’t like expensive bikes, don’t buy one.

Red Bull has been sponsoring extreme sports teams, athletes and contests for maybe 30 + years. I’m actually surprised it took them this long to get into road cycling.


Since it’s the new “miracle” drug and cost a fortune I thought they might want to spend a few dollars on the sports viewing crowd instead of TV

Sheesh. Even Asgard is getting involved in the sportswashing!


They try to keep it “low-key”


Oh, that was GOOD. Kudos!

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Am I being simplistic in being pleased a top tier team survives another season?

The sponsor in question sells sugar and caffeine in a can.

When you compare the sponsor in question to the sport of professional cycling, it’s not the sponsor with a history of doping and cheating……


Forest & trees… :wink:

This is really a good thing in my eyes, well short of the negative take seen by some here and elsewhere.



Marvel Comics joke = THOR (per the racers MotoX gear) as originating from the world of Asgard.

Which then lead to the “low-key” = Loki (another character, Thor’s bro) joke.

And to flex my old man knowledge and experience… THOR gear now came from:

  • Torsten Hallman Original Racewear = T.H.O.R. to which I still have hiding in a box of my old 90’s MX gear in the attic :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, thanks for the context… I’m not a Marvel guy but makes sense now.

If anyone cares, THOR is a re-brand of Hallman motocross gear and is an acronym for Thorsten Hallman Original Racewear.