Upgrade path for MTB

Mine have been great, there was a bit of a wait for them as had to wait on stock for DT350 hubs, but the company was fantastic to deal with. There is a massive thread over on the MTBR forums on BTLOS with a lot of happy customers (BTLOS Carbon Rims - New (well priced) Chinese Mfg and Retail Option | Mountain Bike Reviews Forum)

Roughly 1400g and way cheaper than name brand wheels of a similar weight.


Got an epic evo expert earlier this year and immediately replaced the bar with an enve m6 and added a chainstay. The bar was because the stock bar does not clear the top tube which I heard about and so odd. Besides that all stock and a great ride.

Might sell it though and go gravel route instead as being my first mtb I think gravel is a better fit.


Maybe contrary to popular opinion, last thing I’d touch would be anything to do with the drivechain.

I’d think:

  1. Tyres
  2. Wheels
  3. Depending on size, rotors.
  4. If there’s not one already, dropper post
  5. Bars
  6. Brakes
  7. Forks
  8. Drivechain (don’t over look weight of cassette when considering parts).

Great thread!. I also got a Epic Evo Comp. I already upgraded the crank and got the one with powemeter $1000.

Next year upgrades:

1.) Roval Control CL $2500
2.) Ground Control T7 tires
3.) New Grips

2024 and Beyond

1.) Get the best fork in the market.
2.) Chain and cassette
3.) Lighter and better seat drop

I don’t think I’ll be upgrading to AXS. And in 5 years will probably try to get a Spark RC top of the line or Sworks.

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This was my first MTB so I didn’t know If I was going to like it….that’s why I went for a lower level bike. From now on, I will only buy top of the line bikes or custom builds. It’s more efficient for a chronic “updater” like me.