Tubeless tire sealant

Update on my Stan’s on my gravel bike (DT Swiss wheels and Schwable G-Ones. Did a 100 mile gravel race (well 30-40 miles of it gravel) and no issues with Stan’s regular. Right now, sticking with if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That KOM TUBELESS SEALANT INJECTOR seems good however shipping to the UK is more than the actual product. Does anyone have any recommendations for a similar UK product??

If not would something like this from Amazon work:

Righto update time. Have a new gravel bike which I have taken to tubes out and been using tubless. The cafe stuff hasn’t been sealing for some reason don’t know if it doesn’t like the WTB tyres or what. But it’s going I would say.


Couple of thoughts.

Jonathan’s comments, like usual, are spot on. I’ve had good success with Gorilla tape as well, but it is fairly thick and can occasionally make it difficult to seat a tire because they sometimes seem to catch a bit on the tape. Enve used to ship Gorilla tape with their wheel sets, but on my M525’s they shipped a new thinner tape that is really nice. The surface of it is very smooth and the tires on the M525’s popped into place extremely easily. I emailed Enve about the tape and where to buy it separately. They told me it is only available in their tubeless kits which include valve stems.

In terms of sealant, Stan’s regular, Orange Seal Endurance, and Orange Seal Sub-Zero have been my go to’s. I’ve had great success with all of them including Orange Seal Endurance sealing a nasty hole I got on a rock descending Cougar Ridge into Minturn last summer. Sealant sprayed out and hit my leg as I descended, but it still sealed up before I got to the bottom of the trail and held for the rest of the day.

This year on my road bike I road Conti GP 4000 II’s with latex tubes. I had no flats riding in the mid-70’s psi and the feel was great. With the launch of the 5000’s I plan to try the tubeless version this season. I’m riding Aeolus 3 TLR D3 wheels and they come with rim strips for a TL setup, so will give those a try instead of taping. If I have issues, then I’ll try taping instead. Orange Seal Endurance would be the sealant I try first. The added longevity would be nice for the road tires.

Last tip, avoid Finish Line sealant like the plague. A lot of people, including myself, bought into the pre-release hype. The stuff turned out to be almost completely useless with the only redeeming quality being it wipe out of the wheels super easily when removing it. Unfortunately it does seal up anything. Live and learn, but Finish Line really soiled their reputation with this product (Worldwide Cyclery, who I normally really trust, also had hyped it up a lot too initially).

Use T-sealant by SSE best sealant for tubeless tyre I have ever used.

I started with Stans regular sealant when I bought my gravel bike and it’s never given me any trouble at all. Also running it in my road bike wheels since I’ve gone tubeless. Heard good things about Orange seal but no reason for me to try it at this point.

The fact that orange seal clogs valve covers is perhaps a positive sign that it seals more aggressively?

I’ve used it for years and no flats in over 10k miles, but I’ve also never seen an obvious cut or puncture that it would have had to seal. Worst was a tire burp on newly installed tire run at low pressure on gravel. Spun it, it stopped oozing at the rim, added some co2 and never a problem again.

Orange is definitely one of the tried and true brands. I’ve used it in the past in the various formulations (Endurance, Sub-zero) with very good success, but as noted it will clog valve stems to best to pour in directly.

More recently I’ve used Stan’s Race Sealant for XC racing and also in my tubeless road set up. It also is recommended to pour it in and not put it in through the valve stem.

I don’t think you can go wrong with Stan’s or Orange. Both quality products.

Hi everyone,

I’m using the Muc Off No Hassle sealant.
A couple of weeks ago I had a tiny puncture (~1mm) with my Schwalbe G-One RS tires which sealed for the moment. After I pumped the tires back at home the puncture started bleeding sealant again. The next morning I pumped the tire once more and small drips started coming out again. Pressure was not high - around 3 bar on a 40 mm tire. I didn’t ride the bike for a few days and I thought that the sealant got the job done. However I rode my bike again today, two weeks later, the puncture keeps opening up again and spraying my bike. I find it strange, as the product is advertised to seal punctures up to 6 mm.

Is it possible that the sealant I purchased may have some production problem? Or maybe I did something wrong? Do you have any Tipps for me. I used around 60-70 ml of sealant as recommended.

Sounds like you had a better result than many do in that the sealant did the job to get you home but I wouldn’t rely on it as a long-term fix. Claims of sealing up to 6 mm is just marketing nonsense.

I’d either patch the tire from the inside with something like the Hutchinson Rep’Air kit if you ever dismount it, or even easier, just put a dynaplug in it from the outside and trim it near flush to the tire. For a hole that small, a dynaplug should easily last the life of the tire and will be way more reliable than sealant. Get a small dynaplug kit you can ride with too - they are incredible. See my posts in the Road tubeless experiences thread with some examples at much higher pressure.


How long ago did you put sealant in? Maybe you need to add new sealant.

Also, where is the hole? If it’s near the rim, they don’t always seal well.

If adding sealant doesn’t help, or just to be sure, I’d take the tyre off (or half off, so that you can reach the hole) and put a patch on the inside over the hole (a tube patch will do). Give it a half a day to settle, then put the tyre back on, add sealant and it should be good.

This sealant is garbage. It doesnt ever stay sealed. It will plug a hole temporarily but always opens up again IME


The sealant is from a fresh bottle, maybe has been in the tire for about a month.

I would have usually used a bacon strip or a Dynaplug but the hole is really small. I’ve had such punctures in the past and the Schwalbe Doc Blue (identical to the Stan‘s) could seal it permanently . I only switched to Muc Off because it was supposed to be CO2 compatible and I thought this could be helpful for the future.
I am starting to wonder if I maybe didn’t shake the bottle well enough before filling it up…

I’ll now patch the tire from the inside and will probably switch back to Schwalbe Doc Blue.

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I’ve only been running tubeless for under a year on my MTB and about four months on my roadie, and have tried four different sealants. To me, Orange Seal and Stan’s are head and shoulders above the others. Have had good success with both of those, slight preference to Orange Seal personally.

If the hole is too small for a Dynaplug, then I would pop the bead and wipe out all the MucOff sealant and give another brand a try. Orange Seal, Stan’s, and Silca would all be reasonable ones to try. Silca had some hiccups witth their early batches but I’ve found it to seal very well. If one of those sealants takes care of your leak, then you at least know the MucOff sealant wasn’t up to the task.

I cleaned the tire and replaced the sealant with Doc Blue. The hole got immediately sealed, even at 4,5bar no droplets coming out.

That is the hole that the Muc Off sealant couldn’t handle…


Haha i also learned the hard way how bad mucoff was for sealing any type of puncture. Dynaplug, patch etc didnt seem to help

I use Schwalbe Doc Blue and had zero issues except a pin hole that it wouldn’t seal between side wall and lip of tyre, not sure any sealant would have fixed it.

I must have had several punctures as i’ve had to clean glue off the bike several times, so it must have done it’s job ok.

Is there any decent sealant available that is compatible with CO2 cartridges?

I use home made sealant:

  • 250ml liquid latex
  • 250ml propyl glycol (coolant)
  • 500ml distilled water
  • bit of Windex (for amonia, more gives longer lasting sealant but less less sealing capability)
  • polenta (corn meal).
    Works a treat and it’s cheap as chips. All my kids run tubeless and in an Australian summer you get through a bit so cheaper is good.
    As for others:
  • Stans - pretty much what I am making, works well.
  • Bontrager - really oily, like to split if conditions get hot. There was a point when I only got 2 weeks or of a refresh.
  • Muc off - works technically but it’s just too thick. When it’s super fresh and you have heaps in the tyre is just ok.
  • Orange seal - works well but it’s quite expensive in Australia.

I caveat all this with I’ve only ever used tubeless on an MTB. I just don’t get enough flats on the road bike to justify the expensive tyres and potential pitfalss of the mess etc. Changing a tube is a 1-2 min job. I’ll still to my GP5000 and latex tubes thanks and continue to be anal about tyre pressure which I think is why I don’t have many flats (in cbination with not doing that many road kms).