Trainer long term reliability

OP here (took me a while to get back to this thread, thanks for all the comments). The issue I was having was I’d be in the middle of an interval and suddenly lose resistance. Some times it would come back quick, some times the trainer was like “Nope, I’m done for this workout”. Since I started the thread I fiddled with it, did a factory spin down etc and it’s been fine since. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

as long as you aren’t using the Kickr 1 for power accuracy, then you’re good.

That’s a good point and I do see that with my Kickr 1. I run Zwift and TR together with Zwift reading my Kickr. It’s pretty consistently 10-15 watts higher then my power meter on the bike that TR is reading.

I always use Power Match though so all my TR power data comes directly from my power meter and not the Kickr.

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I had significant drift with my Kickr 1. Kickr 1 didn’t have as many sensors as Kickr 2, from what I recall, and temperature compensation meant it didn’t track well. That is assuming you have already disabled the strain gauge.

The Wahoo utility is kind of bunk. I made the mistake of disabling the strain gauge, and I could never tell if I was able to go back to it. Regardless, I had significant drift relative to my power meters. It would start low, then after about 30 minutes it would go high. So my workouts always ended easy. That was my reason for going to PowerMatch as well.

If all you do is TR workouts, I don’t see the value. I finally bought one and don’t regret it at all, but most of my training is on Zwift and I find longer rides and races much more enjoyable on the smart trainer. Between long winters and kids/work I spent 400hr of my 600hr training indoors in 2019, so not a huge outlay for the use it gets.

Update, I think I have a broken resistance fan blade, intermittent awful racket. Doesn’t arise until the unit is warmed up AND I’m riding hard ( >300w). I got a response from KK asking for a proof of purchase which, 10 years ago, a house move ago, and an LBS changing computer systems in the meantime isn’t likely to happen. I hope once I send them the video/audio of the requested malfunction, they’ll be able to approve a repair, replacement etc without proof of purchase.

Actually the Wahoo Kickr gen1 trainer was released in 2013, not 2014. I still have my original order email from Wahoo, showing an order date of 19 March 2013.

Wahoo replaced this original Kickr in May, 2013, and this 2nd one has been going strong since then (7+ years) with no problems. The only maintenance I’ve done on this trainer is to clean the optical sensor + optical sensor sticker thing.

The place I bought it from had stopped selling products (they were more of a studio that sold trainers), but they somehow validated my purchase to KK, which is what got it through for me. Hope it works for you as well. Might be worth trying to get the Bikeshop to validate the purchase for you if they can (even if they don’t have the receipts)?

I called the LBS today… they’re not “Local” anymore (see “house move” above), but if it came to it, I’m sure they’d be willing to vouch for/validate my purchase there… They changed their computer systems about halfway between today and purchase price, but if push comes to shove, I’ll ask them where they used to get their KK trainers, call the distributor, and provide KK with a really solid chain of custody by serial number… My guess is that KK will see the video, realize its a QC issue, and make the customer (me) happy. It’s not like I’m asking for a new electro-turbo-wonder-machine, I think its just a fluid resistance unit…and I’d even be willing to shop the old unit back on their dime.

I have the original Tacx Neo. 3 Years old and hasn’t missed a beat…yet.

With mine they just shipped a new resistance unit to me and told me to keep the broken one.

Thread dredge, got the replacement unit while away on vacation (two hours a day on flat country roads) for a week . Had a scheduled recovery week last week, so took my rides outside and social/parental. Replaced the resistance unit. It works, just needed a pocket knife for the inRide hardware and 14mm wrench for the unit. Yeah, if this unit goes another 8 or so years, I’ll stay with Kurt fluid rest of my life.