Tire Inserts for gravel. Anyone regret them?

One tip install them right away, don’t think “I already have tubeless valves, I’m fine” because removing the tyre intact is maybe even more of a pain than installing it and then you have to install it again. But really you need the special valve to be sure you get the correct pressure in the tyre because with standard valve you could block the inlet and just measure pressure in the hose or in case of overinflating not get out excess pressure


I tried them on flat land ‘normal’ gravel and found them useless. The Vittoria ones won’t get you home on a flat 38c tire for example. With gravel, you’re usually running enough pressure that you’re not going to bottom out. They’re basically only useful for saving your rim edge, not your tires.

They’re also heavy, expensive, and make the tire difficult to get off the rim. I took them out when I tested zero and 10psi and found them useless for that. I can only see using them if you’ve got a lot of rocks with square edges when you’re trying to run as little tire pressure as possible. Maybe on the road where you’re scared of the tire flying off the rim on a decent.

I’ve just ordered a pair of the MucOff V2 valves, thanks. Fingers crossed that solves the blockage issue.


I had that problem, even with valves for inserts (they have holes one the sides at the top). I could put air in the tyre, but not let it out, even taken the valve core out an leaving it for a day or so did nothing. That makes it hard to take the tyre off!
In the end I pushed the insert up with a small allen key through the valve stem, and managed to get the air out. I was going to swap the valve, but weirdly after that it was fine and didn’t block again.

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That’s interesting. Then I’ll poke a few holes in the liner foam with a hot skewer. In the valve area. Perhaps that’ll help.

I had sealant in, and I think the sealant and the insert must’ve come together in a weird way and block the valve. Not sure if holes in the insert would have helped, they would need to be perfectly aligned to let air out.

I didn’t keep the inserts in for long, I’d used them in the summer for gravel and for an early cx race, but took them out for cross season, because I didn’t like how the tyre felt with them in. Plus I needed to swap tyres anyway. I would probably use them again for gravel though, I think I could’ve ridden quite a while on them.

I had cush core with Vittoria 40mm Tires and I just took them out. They took me two hours in the shop with lots of tools to get the bead unseated, there is no way I would be able to get a tube in if in the field. I didn’t notice any difference but maybe I wasn’t pushing the pressure envelope low enough. I am going to ride for a while without them, kind of doubt they will be put back in.

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This is the driving factor for why I don’t use them. i thought about cutting my tyres to be honest.