Tips for first time latex tube install

If the wheels are weighted on the ground for a couple weeks or more between rides, then you could take measures to keep some air in them for the sake of the tyres. Or hang the wheels/bike.

Otherwise, this sounds like an engineers problem, not a real problem. Sort of like when I tell my devs that a UI needs tweaking by 0.2rems and they’re probably thinking that’s a designer problem, not a real problem. We all play our games.

If it keeps you ticking, seal it up and log it in a system.

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I’ve never actually measured, but that sounds about right.

It goes flat much, much less, and I haven’t run into issues with it. I only run latex tubes in my main bike, fwiw.

Not necessary. Just get the air pressure right and you’ll hardly get any punctures.

I used and ultra light butyl tubes the shop only had them left when i needed a spare. But since installing not had a flat yet after a year. The tyre does the protection really I always think, if something is going through the tyre no way will your tube stop it.