The HoloBike: The Peloton Killer

Zero chance that happens…yes, Peloton may need to declare bankruptcy (or get taken private) in order to restructure itself, but the idea that the bikes are going to get bricked is wildly unreaslistic.

There is a business model that works for the company, it just isn’t the one they hyped.



I hope you’re right.

this thread has taken some weird turns. if you’re interested in talking about bikes in general then I for one welcome you to stay.

the skepticism against new accounts coming in strong on a a particular topic isn’t unfounded based on past history, but we also have to balance that against not being dicks to new people.


You can basically bet on it not working out as soon as you see something that seems relatively cheap for the market and is very nicely designed but has no properly working prototype. Most of the interesting projects is stuff where there is already a working prototype but there is money needed for design and proper production for a consumer level product…

It is always a bit suspicious if a new account just post a link to a new Product and only posts in that thread, it looks like someone trying to promote the product.

  • For the record, the OP was made by a long-term member, not the new account people are questioning.
  • This seems true here, but there is no requirement that people post in any other topics that are of no interest. People are free to stick to one if that is all that matters to them. We have plenty of people that land here via search results or other means so this is not the first time seeing something like this.

  • If people see an issue with any type of post or suspected spam, the best thing to do is use the forum flagging tools. Calling out as has been done is less than ideal IMO and leads to unnecessary tension as seen.

I am tagging in @ZackeryWeimer as an FYI so he can add anything TR see’s fit.


I hear you. I started on a schwin carbon blue watching GCN videos and others on YouTube. Back in the good ole days those bikes were 700-800 bucks. Solid. The wife and I could both use it easily. It lasted long enough for our teens to use it as well. Over its lifetime it maybe cost us 50 bucks a year. No better investment!

The flywheel in the back is pretty common when in Europe. Keiser and Techno Gym have had bikes designed similarly.

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I’ve been making senseless comments dating back to the facebook group days! You can count on me for the nonsensical! :smile:

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I understand why people want to gatekeep. One day I’ll be able to bike up the eastern side of Australia, just not any time soon. I was looking for a well-designed bike that works. I am frankly skeptical this even works looking at specs. All of the articles about the bike were posted on design outlets but not tech-related or cycling forums.

This is my preferred bike in terms of aesthetics (This Sleek Indoor Exercise Bike by Elite Looks Like a Work of Art). I can’t afford it right now but I do know it works.

Thanks for being accommodating. @Morzak : this forum is a first page result about the bike in question. The economy is not so hot and I am not dropping $2.7k on a bike without other opinions. I am skeptical, not shilling.

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Sorry got you mixed up with the other poster, It was also more a observation that it is always suspicious if new posters come up and just post about a certain product. Have no issue with discussing these products it’s always interesting to see what is out there, and I like to see all those questionable Kickstarter projects :wink:

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I can’t afford the seat on that bike. Ha. It is pretty however.

No worries here. I don’t take offense too much. We all know if we want to get people going just post other YouTubers complaining about TR to get clicks. Periodization anyone? Nutrition hot takes? :grinning:

Thank you, I was clueless why so many comments about a new forum member replying to a post. And new member was posting links to articles pointing out issues with the Kickstarter. The opposite of promoting the “product.” A very Happy Mother’s Day :clinking_glasses: I guess!


Thanks for the link. I’d forgotten that I’ve seen a bike like that, maybe a TechnoGym one. But either there was more of a guard/cage or the disc was much thicker/wider.

This design, while elegant in one sense, also gives me the sense of saw wheel. Yikes!

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Kinda reminds me of the Kickr Bike but with a screen.

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@ZackeryWeimer is out for the week, so I’ll take over :tipping_hand_woman:t3::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes! That looks good @mcneese.chad. If people see an issue with any type of post or suspected spam, the best thing to do is use the forum flagging tools or you can also DM one of us. :heart_hands:

Nice to see you on the forum @ppa_rider!