The "do-it-all" trail bike - options and opinions?

I have a 2020 Scott Genius AXS build. 150mm front and rear with a Fox 36 Fork with a lockout that makes the bike almost hardtail stiff both front and rear. I have a set of STans Podium wheels with 2.4 Aspen race tires with inserts.

This is my do it all bike and what it means to me is that I can race the bike (and have in marathon racing) but also ride it on any of the trails I ride in Colorado. I considered the Scott Ransom but the bike is that much more burly and heavy so it puts it out of the category to really race it very well.

Same. On my 2017 model, I used the lockout a lot more. The 2021 model has better pedaling performance. IIRC, they increased the anti squat by about 10% with the 2021 frame over the prior gen.

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I’m looking at two totally different bikes. A Yeti SB100 and then an Ibis Ripmo.

I sold my switchblade (2018) and I know the Ripmo would handle everything, but I also like the thoughts of the Yeti for almost everything I ride.

Unless you’re racing XC/Endurance, get the Ripmo.

That’s mostly what I ride is XC/Endurance

After demoing both Ripmo and Switchblade several times. I would say those bikes are equivalent. Both have similar specs, similar efficient suspension design for pedaling. So if you got rid of the Switchblade for it being too much for XC/Endurance, I don’t think the Ripmo will be any different for you. I would demo the SB115 (SB100 is no longer for sale) alongside the Ibis Ripley, SC Tallboy and so on.

Ride one first, if you haven’t already. My friend had one and sold it quickly. It’s very XC - maybe the 115 is a bit more Pisgah worthy? But it didn’t get a glowing PB review either… Not sure I’ll ever get a pure bread XC bike for my day to day riding, but that’s me. I’m weighing my bikes less and less, and more interested in DH PRs at the moment…

Might be more of a statement of the quality of rider Nate Hills is, but check out some of his videos riding the SB100 at great pace on some of the roughest trails this country has to offer. I believe he even placed well when he used it in an enduro race at the national level once?

I had an SB100 for several years. If you are getting the SB100 with the updated linkage that the SB115 uses, then it’s a great bike and very versatile.

SB100 > SB115. I wouldn’t get the 115.

That being said, in the 100mm category, there are so many options that you owe it to yourself to demo a bunch of other bikes other than the Yeti.

This is a great thread… shout out to the OP for starting it. The information is tremendous … and collection of resources top notch.

I have been riding a 2014 Stumpy Evo HT for the better part of 8 years now, with the last 2 being more agro and ambitious (most of the components have been replaced/upped over last 24 months).

My 40+ year old knees and hips demand an FSR, and since I occupy that liminal space between XC and Enduro… trail travel looks to fit the bill.

While my ambition has me leaning towards a Rascal … my ability seems more tuned to a SJ Exp/Pro (I think the EVO may be to burly for me).

That being said… the Izzo looks to be an INCREDIBLE value. I poked about on a Jeffsy and its a fun ride. Little sloppy in the corners (but that could be my piss poor technique) but poppy and trail responsive.

Again, great thread (joined to say “thanks!”).

Many Mahalos.