Stages temperature compensation

What are they going to tell me? Do a factory reset? Update firmware? It’s already got the latest. I’m guessing they won’t give me a new one as this one is old now.

It feels like it’s been pretty consistent. This was the first ride where I had this large of a temperature jump and a big humidity jump.

I dunno, be polite and see where it takes you :man_shrugging: I’m in sales and get to deal with a lot of ‘fun’ situations. You never know if you don’t step up to the plate and take a swing.

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I was having temp issues and inconsistency between 2 different stages. They diagnosed the problem and offered a reasonably priced solution. They were great.

I think this might be normal as far as I can remember?

I don’t think you need to worry about what values your Garmin spits out during calibration as a believe that this is related to a raw strain gauge reading - so will be different at different temperatures.

I.e. it records the temperature at the time of calibration and uses future strain gauge and temperature (and cadence) readings to then calculate the power at any temperature.

If you believe you are actually seeing power drift with temperature than that’s a different story.

Could maybe also be the battery, I sometimes have odd readings when it’s nearly empty.


Before my ride yesterday, I put my bike outside for 10 minutes, and then calibrated the Stages with the Stages app before riding. Upon calibration, the Stages temperature was spot on with the outdoor temperature. The power readings while riding looked good.

Moral? Be a little more careful with calibrations? Calibrate after warming up for 10-15 minutes when doing a serious power-based interval session?

Tbf, I do sometimes calibrate a couple of minutes, after I started riding, when there’s a big temperature difference between indoors and outdoors. Though afaik stages say it should be able to handle normal shifts in temperature. Maybe yours is just a little extreme? I’m in the UK, and it’s rare to have more than 10 deg difference between indoors and outdoors.

Mine has seemingly gotten very odd with calibration in the past two months. I haven’t figured out why

Most definitely. On paper this workout looked pretty “doable”, and it was, but it wasn’t easy.

I’ve noticed that my Stages reads lower temp than what my thermostat in my garage is reading. Granted, they are at different heights. As an experiment, I just put my bike outside for 20 minutes to see how closely the Stages would align with the outdoor temp (82º). After 20 minutes the Stages warmed up to 80º.

Let’s say I calibrate right away indoors…

  • If calibrated indoors at a cooler temp then outdoors, will the Stages read lower or higher power outdoors?
  • If calibrated indoors at a higher temp then outdoors, will the Stages read lower or higher power outdoors?


IME the one thing that Stages PMs are quite finicky about is battery voltage/life.

Based on my experience, if you calibrate indoors at a lower temperature, the Stages may read low outside.

I haven’t tested the 2nd scenario, but I’d guess the reverse. Now, obviously, the Stages is supposed to compensate for the changing temperature but I’m not sure what it’s range is.

So, when you need to rock it on Zwift you should warm up your stages a bit! :slight_smile:

I just changed the battery on it a few weeks ago and I’m using Energizers rather than the noname Amazon batteries. The Stages app says the battery level is high.

Probably, when in doubt do a factory reset on a Stages (install battery backwards for 20 seconds or short the terminals together for the same time). This has fixed all of my issues in the past.

I’m not sure where I read it, probably @GPLama or @dcrainmaker , but I believe if you are going to be moving your power meter from inside to outside you are better off either calibrating before you move it or a long time afterwards.

I suppose it’s not ideal to calibrate while it is actually changing temperature.

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I noticed more of this foo the last couple of days so I opened a ticket with Stages. It just recently warmed up so I’m seeing a 15 degree temperature differential between inside and outside.

The primary reason I opened a ticket is because I’ve noticed that my ADC number is quite low. Lately I’ve seen it between 747 and 787. I recall in the past it was close to 900.

Has anyone ever had their ADC number off? Solution? I just did a factory reset the other day and it did not cure it. Bad battery? Not enough voltage? I can reset it again and try a new battery though my current battery is almost 100%.

890 +/- 50 so its way out of expected range and I would contact Stages.

Yes, I had seen that already which is why I opened up a ticket.

I had one where it was off and also drifted a vit during rides. Stages asked for photos and saw a crack in the housing that I hadn’t noticed. They said it couldn’t be fixed, but offered me a discount on a new one, which was nice.

I’m going to try swapping batteries and see if that makes a difference. I hope they offer to do something.

Mine is a pricey Campagnolo Stages. I’m a Campy guy and prefer an all campy bike but if I’m SOL with this I’m probably going to buy a Quarq or Power2Max.

Could also see if the firmware is up to date, in the stages app.

Conclusion - fixed!

I did a factory reset, installed a brand new Energizer battery, and ADC was 897.

It was weird that the old battery (also an Energizer) was being shown as having a full charge.

I guess when in doubt, install a fresh battery.