SPD Road Shoes that are light, narrow and walkable

Afraid not, all of my shoes are different Recon;,2.0, 3.0 and S-works. Afraid I don’t know my foot width either.

There are so many now, Best gravel bike shoes for 2024 | 19 top-rated gravel shoes and buyer's guide

If the Giro-fit suits, I suggest looking at the Giro Cylinder II that I mentioned:

  • they’ve Boa dials and styling akin to road shoes;
  • stiff soles, and breathable uppers that work well in summer;
  • they’re the joint lightest MTB shoe that Giro makes (same weight as the laced Empires, lighter than pricier Sectors etc);
  • inexpensive & therefore tremendous value IMO.

I’ve used stiff-soled MTB shoes as road bike shoes for years, for the off-bike walkability benefits, and the Cylinder II is the best shoes I’ve tried for my feet (vs pricier alternatives), hence now owning 3 pairs :laughing:. Obviously fit-wise it’s all very personal and everyone’s mileage varies…