Smart trainer life span

@John_Dunn That’s great to hear! Getting an H3 this week!

Honestly the Direto has been pretty solid, other than a new belt/pulley in 2020. And there is still a chance that i can get it running well again. But in any case, upgrading to a higher end trainer seems like a good choice for me if I’m going to spend basically all winter on it.


I can check my strava were ive defined the several bikes I use and the trainer. Just have to remember to change manualy after some rides the default bike that’s selected to the one I really used. Then you can check the total on each machine.

I have a Gen 1 kicker that i has progressively gotten louder but still works.
Before it S- the bed i just got a used Neo 2 and love but my power is now down (heard thatn the gen 1 kickrs over reported)
How do you find out how many hours it has?

My gen 2 kickr has lasted quite a while and sold it this winter for basically what I paid for. I kept an Elite Direto which I bought from a teammate for cheaper than what I sold the kickr for. For the first year it was ok but lately, it just kind of sucks and i never know how it’ll preform when I load up Zwift.

I’ve replaced the circuit board on the Elite but for the last month or so any sort of structured workout I do in Zwift from TrainingPeaks or workout I create in Zwift, it feels like I’m pedaling in mud. Z2 feels like SS some days. I’m not overtrained, well rested etc.
Though, no loud noises or anything. Just feels like shit when pedaling. Also, I have to be careful not to to tighten the cassette too much or it’ll just lock up and no free spin of the cassette.

I think its highly dependent on use and luck of the draw…

I’ve had a Elite Drivo that died after about 2 years. Turned out to be a screw that loosened on the first wheel and was able to fix it by tightening it with an impact drill.

I’ve switched to an H3. It starting making an odd noise at 1 year and 11 months, but otherwise has worked fine. Sent a video of it to Saris and they replaced the unit for me under the warranty.

For reference I use my trainer 5 days a week in the off season and 3-4 times a week in the on season.

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And meanwhile…rollers just…keep on rollin’. Just saying :rofl:


I have set up my trainer bikes as unique bikes on Strava, and so I can use the Gears overview to track usage. On Strava, I can see the km ridden, but by using Veloviewer, I can analyze usage by other metrics such as time, climbing metres, calories, etc.

Can you still order parts from Wahoo?

I would fix and save the Direto as a back up.

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I was gonna say this about my 1st Gen Kurt Kinetic Road Machine which is a decade old and still runs the same as when I bought it. :laughing:

According to Wahoo Support they no longer stock parts for the original/2014 Kickr. You can still get replacement belts direct from Wahoo. I get the same manufactured parts (Gates & SKF) from 3rd party sellers.

I had my gen0.5 Kickr for 7 1/2 years (I got it in March, 2013) before I sold it to a friend who is still using it. So this is my benchmark for how long smart trainers should last. When I had the Kickr, I used it 3 - 5 days / week for the entire time I had it, so easily into the couple of thousand hours of use without any maintenance of any kind on my part.


I’d 2nd contacting Elite. Contacting through their app works quite well.
After a bit more than 2yrs I had a problem with my Direto (original flavour) and they gave the diags decent attention. Each email reply took about a day or so but they stuck with it. Eventually they offered to repair it back at the factory. All of which is pretty fair service considering it was out of warranty and they could have just said “too bad”