Ribble bike company?

Being the correct side of the Pennines? West is best! :wink:

I’m considering their Ultra TT bike as my first TT bike…

Headline sponsor of a cycling team.


Funny how Terry Dolan has gone from being one of the best frame builders around to ‘a bit better that Ribble’. A sign of the times, and of his skill-set, I guess.

I have one of his Dedacciai Cougar frames from the 90’s. It’s a thing of beauty and rides so well. Wouldn’t swap it.


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Er. No. :grin:

:grin: Funnily enough I worked over there for a number of years and then returned to this side only to then move out of Yorkshire. But I’m not that far away. Think it’s usually drier this side… :grin:

I went to Uni in Sheffield and it seemed to rain a LOT! But it’s hardly dry in Manchester.

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I went to Uni in Manchester and was told it was the rainy city. Did stay a few years after and had some good times. :grin:
Sheffield’s where I work now - some good riding in The Peaks.