Recommended front light

That’s what I have and it mounts under the garmin edge with the mount that came with the edge, it’s a really nice setup that is easy to take on and off.


I’ve really liked my Bontrager Ion. I have the 1200 and 600(?) Whatever the lower one is for my helmet (I like the lighter one on my head). You can get a go pro mount for pretty cheap.

I wish the specialized flux actually worked because it has an awesome beam pattern. I’d recommend it IF they figured out how to get it to work.

I mounted a See.Sense ICON3 front light to the head tube for a while to get a light off my bars.

You may need a larger band to wrap around the head tube. It’s sort of a clean setup this way but you do see the rubber band more. Maybe not if you have a black bike with minimal or no graphics around this area.

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I use a Fenix BC26R. Not a traditional bike light company but they make excellent lights. The singular advantage to most lights I’ve seen/used is that the rechargeable battery is replaceable. This makes run time a non issue as I carry extra batteries so that I can use the brightest setting if I choose to without worry that I’ll run out of power before I get home.