Prescription sport eye glasses for those with horrible vision, need ideas

Have you tried hard contact lenses (RGPs)? My eyes are also terrible, in that diopter neighborhood with astigmatism to boot. I found soft contacts at that prescription very uncomfortable but RGPs were a game changer. After the initial adaptation period they’re very comfortable and give me great vision- could easily read the 20/20 line when I got my last pair fitted. Those with a set of cycling glasses to protect from wind/dust/mud have proven to be a great combination.

They were something like these, only roundish lenses with a thick black frame, 5 inch bows and an elastic strap. I should probably see if I can find them again. OH! They had a HUGE rubber nose pad/guard.

I remember a movie about hockey I think, and one of the characters had hideous thick black framed glasses and was known for hurting people (if memory serves). Yeah, that… I just remember feeling like they were far too demonic looking, and not especially comfortable. The parents got them for me because I kept breaking glasses. Apparently as a ‘cone of shame’ type thing. It worked.

Freak glasses


My eyesight is as bad as yours, other than contact lenses the best solution I’ve found is prescription safety glasses. I look like a dork but at least I can see.