Personal power records by weight

The ability to compare across seasons is great and the season match feature is awesome for staying positive as your fitness climbs back up for race season, but it seems like adding a slightly different view could be really handy.

I’d love to see the same power chart but instead of matching across various time periods, it would match across various weights and ideally offer a w/kg function. Obviously, this would require more frequent updating to our TR listed weight than we’d all probably like to admit to but I’m guessing that many of us are weighing ourselves daily, checking that chart after every meaningful ride and probably only updating the weight at Ramp Test time and even then only if it’s a favorable or at least significant change.

Knowing that I dropped some max watts or my 5-minute power isn’t quite as good but that my w/kg are actually better would be huge motivation to stay on the weight-loss train which will have as much or greater effect on making me a faster cyclist than a handful of watts here and there.


Thanks for the suggestion! This could be a really useful tool, and would help to much more accurately compare between seasons.

I’ll your suggestion onto the team for consideration :+1:


Any plans to incorporate weight updates automatically, the same way that outdoor workouts recorded on Garmin or Strava get sucked in?

I have Aria wifi scales which automatically update my Fitbit account which then feeds into my Garmin profile. I’m sure plenty of other people have something similar. Seems very old school these days to enter weight manually! I guess there’s a whole bunch of other data out there like sleep, RHR, HRV, etc that could also be useful at some point.


I’m guessing there’s more to come from TR on that front. I totally respect though that they tend to only do something if they can be better at it than what currently exists and work a lot of the bugs out before even sharing the beta versions with some users. I could see a more seamless Whoop and/or smart scale integration from them someday.

That’s why it’s so important to hit the thumbs up button, share the videos and recruit your friends so TR can hire more product engineers, build more features and make everyone faster. Did I get it right @Nate_Pearson?

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I really like this feature idea! I completely agree that this would be a great motivator for data driven athletes (lookin at you TR subscribers :grimacing:) to evaluate trends in power and weight relationally. This is my first season of structured training, but I would definitely agree it would be a great benchmark when comparing relative fitness season to season.

It’s been easier to sell myself on increasing power than focusing on weight loss (something I’ve struggled with all my life because I do love eating). Seeing any watt gains offset by increased weight would surely motivate me to tighten up my diet.

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I’m actually holding off on buying a smart scale until I see if TR are going to develop this so I can get a compatible scale!


+1 for this suggestion

From TR perspective, it might be better move to sync weight from Strava instead of myriad different smart scales. Getting daily weight to Strava is already solved (Weemple WeightNet - Transfer body weight data between platforms, probably some others as well).


We plan on doing this, we need an automated way to eat weight in or just make it easier.


@renschler has a comprehensive sync-around tool at his Smart Scale Sync service. I’ve been using it a while now and it’s been reliable, I just weigh in and everything ends up with the new number pretty quickly.

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I suspect that it is more complicated than this, but can you pull metrics from trainingpeaks like you do workouts?

I want to heartily +1 this recommendation. Every time weight loss is brought up on the podcast it is always paired with a “don’t let it affect your power production”. This type of feature would allow you to help us stay faster while we try to get lighter.

One approach that might be easier to implement would be plotting only ramp test results. Manually adding weight once every four weeks is not so bad. Perhaps a prompt to update weight on the dates that the ramp test is scheduled for.

My two cents.


Revisiting this. I feel like every week, someone on the podcast is referencing how despite weighing a few pounds more than their absolute lowest, that they felt more capable on the bike. Coach Chad loves to talk about the benefits of a little extra strength and these are all true things so it would be great if TR had an easy way to sort power PRs by w/kg and not just watts.

I can appreciate that an easy way for TR to input our weight would be ideal but make it a manual function from us and simply give us the tools within performance analytics. Then when the inevitable TR edition smart scale with optional Alex Wild approved “down to the gram” lettuce leaf counter comes out you’ll already have a captive audience who wants easy weight uploads to TR.


+1 Definitely need this feature. And also normalized power PR graph, plain power is rather useless for mtb and other disciplines that aren’t a steady effort.

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