Need bigger (lower?) gears!

You may not need a bigger derailleur if you add the roadlink.

I went from 11-32 to 11-40 with the same derailleur.


Yeah, I guess I just need to train more and up my FTP. Damn it.

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I think that linkage is just for the clutch mechanism of the RD, it moves up and down when you shift so no way to fix it in place. I run 11-32 with an R8070 with no issues if that helps :slight_smile:

Was just reading a review of the Garmin edge units: seems like they (& probably Wahoo) can simulate climbs if you upload a file found from the internet. Maybe you can already do it with your equipment…

Hi, I am wondering if you resolved this issue?
I am facing an exacting same issue with SRAM RD that only supports up to 28t and I am hesitate to put bigger cassette. And I have a big fondo with lots of 18%+ climb combing up end of this month. I am trying to get 34t in the back if not, 32t. I have 50-34 in the front.

Have you checked out the Road Link?

It’s a pretty cheap option and may be just what you need for a short time use solution.


Yes, I have checked this, but on the website it says it only supports Shimano? does it also works with Sram too?

Per the product page, bold at end seems to indicate it is fine, just not “optimized” like the Shim stuff:

The RoadLink™ is optimized for the 10- and 11-speed Shimano road derailleur geometry. It also works very well with 9-speed road derailleurs. Traditional SRAM derailleurs work but not the 1x specific X-HORIZON rear derailleurs.

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Thanks again!

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You also have time to work on your comfort at low cadences - if you can convince yourself that 50-60 is a happy relaxing pace, just like walking calmly up the hill, you may be ok with your gearing as-is.

I ran a 32t on my bike with the original 11s etap. B-screw turned all the way out.

Shifting was a little slower, but otherwise, I never had any issues.

Edit: the derailleur could not support the total tooth capacity, so I sized the chain so that it would not rip the derailleur off in an accidental big-big situation, but that meant I’d have to shift to the big ring a little earlier.

Your cassette is not too small your chainset is too big.

So what you be your solution?

Either smaller rings if the chainset will allow or replace the chainset with a gravel or even mtb double with a 30 or even 28 inner ring. It’s the best solution for all riders without pro w/kg