MTB Advice for a Road Cyclist

Was at Allaire a few weeks ago — where, or what is NOX?

I just need to ride for a bit and figure that out. If 100mm isn’t enough I’ll have to figure out what I really want. I can convert the bike I choose to 120mm or I could go for a trail bike as an N+1.

Thanks for all the advice. I went with my LBS because I want to give them the business - rather support a shop that hires up and coming mechanics, supports local riders, and does local ‘village’ rides. Finishing kit is really secondary - I know all of the parts are functional given the XC trails we have here in NJ - so supporting the LBS became more important than a better kit.

Just for fits and giggles that margin on bikes is actually really high - my LBS will make in the region of 25%.

New Bike for Me :slight_smile:

Roadie here who has a full on XC bike. I have a new Specialized Epic Expert. I love mountain biking and the trails near my house range from XC to super technical rutted out and rocky trails. My bike has 100mm of gravel and I don’t need more personally. I know the industry is going towards 120mm but it’s heavier and doesn’t climb as well. I had a 120 Spark before this bike and this bike is much more nimble and climbs faster.

Lake Noximixon trails over in PA. It is a nice little system with some features and generally easy trail riding. About an hour for the full loop. Six mile in NJ would be somewhat similar as well. Along with Allaire and the pinelands pretty mellow riding. Meaning HTs and XC bikes are just fine.

Places like High Rocks and Round Valley reservoir have more technical sections, fallen trees to clear, rock and root gardens, steeper ups and downs, some jumps and drops. Those places it is more fun on a bigger bike. Totally rideable on HT and XC but just have to apply more technique.

Congrats on new bike and supporting your local folks.


Thanks - Stewart Forest is awesome as well! I loved that riding - a little more ‘Forestry’.

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Thanks for all the advice - I went to my LBS selected the bike and then ordered. The LBS didn’t have the bike I wanted in any model so it needed up being like an online order anyway - I choose the bike of the Cannondale website.

Less then One week from order to pick up - I’m 100% happy.


I took my epic to mountain creek last weekend and it handled the DH fairly well. Even got a ton of PRs.

Awesome! Good to know. I plan on getting up there this summer to give it a try.

That’s SWEET!

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Yeah there’s plenty of tamer stuff there to ride, are there pedally trails up at the top still?

I talked to some guys in the shop about those trails and was told they haven’t been maintained in years outside of the enduro track. Anyway I figured what the hell and went to go find them. They were right the trails suck and have tons of down trees plus no cell reception so worse case you get hurt you’re dead.