Midwest events for *2024*

I’m gonna need to put @ABG on ignore…bad for my stress level.




We have a lot of the same races we will be attending. Hopefully our form comes true for these events


It’s a bold strategy Cotton. After my first I’ve learned to wait until the week of to see what the weather is going to be like.

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I am signed up for the Mohican 100 miler with a couple B races leading up. I am originally from Columbus area in Ohio, but have been living in Virginia since Aug 2023. The terrain and elevation gains here are perfect training for what mohican is like, so having ridden that loop itself plenty of time, I am less stressed about it having some familiarity.

If anyone has raced the course before, please chime in here to a few questions I have.

I’ve not ridden the “wilderness” singletrack section, but will plan to pre-ride it when I go back up a week or so before the race. The rest of the single track is not anything I wouldnt already be used to coming in. I’m curious how beneficial a faster rolling “XC” tire would be in comparison to a chunkier “trail” tire. I’m currently running Vittoria Mezcal’s 2.35 front and rear, but considering something like Specialized fast trak, Maxxis Aspen, or even a wide “gravel” tire like Teravail Cannonball. My thought is there is close to 40 miles of the 100 mile course in between the first and last loop in the state park, that is gravel/pavement with some horse trail and single track sprinkled in, I could make up some major time here with a more efficient tire. That being considered, I dont want that to come at the complete expense of slowing me down on the single track. There are only a few sections of “downhill” I can think of (the switchbacks before the covered bridge mainly). Anyone else have any input or major reasons a trail tire would be a better benefit than a faster rolling XC tire SPECIFICALLY for this course? Thanks all!

Raced the 100k in 2022 and two of my teammates raced the 100mi. The 100k was fine I guess but nothing great or something I would go back for. It took me just under 7 hours with 7,600ft of climbing. My teammates absolutely hated the 100 mi and it took them 10:30 and 12:00+ hours. We’re all about 4.0 +/- (w/kg) for reference, so adjust your expectations accordingly. Pro tip, if the course is wet or rains the day before I’d just skip it, unless you enjoy taking your bike for muddy walks in the woods.

A couple of us ran Mezcals 2.35 f/r and the other was on a XC race tire. The Mezcals were good. I’m not sure I’d go full Aspen XC race tire, as there are plenty of areas that pretty much never dry out and wouldn’t be fun in the woods. You may gain a few seconds on some of the smoother areas, but 100 milers aren’t about those few seconds. You don’t need a full on trail tire though.

The actual Mohican park singletrack is the most fun you’ll have all day. That area is fast and great. No need to preride that because it will only be a false indication of what’s in store. However, all the transitions and 2 track sucked. The 100k obviously skips that later half, but my teammate said that was the worst part. He’s doing the 100k this year and said he’d never do the 100mi again. If you just want to complete it and looking for a challenge then you’ll be fine. Just don’t expect it to be fun or a good course.

Here’s the first couple hours before my front GoPro backup batter crapped out. Unfortunately the video doesn’t show the worst of it which was the back half.

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haha i will wait until the last minute on tire choice.

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Coworker was top 20-ish last year and probably shooting for T15 this year with Ardent Race 2.35 F and Aspen 2.25 R. He said if it was dry he’d consider Aspens on both. But the last few years have not been dry.

I appreciate all the feedback. Sounds like my expectations should probably be more to worry about finishing the thing vs worrying about marginal gains i might get from tire choice. I did find some info on the OMBC website and they have a few tire recommendations in the Q&A section. It reads more like an add for Kenda tires, but at least somewhat of a guide for treads to consider. I’m no stranger to endurance rides, and my long days here similar to the 100 mile course (1000 ft elevation gain per 10 miles). All that goes into finishing a race like this is a whole thing all on its own, so I suppose my biggest concern with respect to the course itself is trying to minimize any additional effort I might use up trying to push some chunky tires up all the climbs and flats.

I have ridden the 25 mile loop plenty of times, and unfortunately am no stranger to riding the muddy conditions. So if thats what its looking like on the day of, certainly any plans I have are going to change. I’m keeping fingers crossed for good conditions.

Also very cool you responded to this one and included the video. Just a couple weeks ago I had the brilliant idea to load a course of the opening 10 miles to my garmin, riding it virtually on my trainer, and watching this exact video to gauge pace and my perceived effort.

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Alright, alright, alright! See you there! Save me a beer, I’ll be in the back hopefully ahead of the kids but not by much.

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North Dakota - Nepomuk Narly - July 20th

Sign up and join some pros

Weather on the day was amazing. 39F, Sunny and dry. Glad it wasn’t like last year.

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Sorry…North Dalota is NOT in the Midwest!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If there was less argument about who is in the Midwest maybe people could actually find some fun less known events to go to.

Or you can just laugh at an ongoing joke in the thread…:man_shrugging:


My enthusiasm for Rough Road next weekend is waning….:woozy_face::woozy_face:

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@Power13 or anyone end up doing the RoughRoad 100 today? I would say this is about the best weather I’ve had for this event … it was cold at the start — between 35F-40F — but wasn’t very windy and was bright sunshine and near 50F by the end.

I did the 64k version, as usual, and finished 4th OA and 1st in my AG, but it looks like there are the usual timing shenanigans with this event, so it’s listing me at 6th OA currently.

Anyway … here’s a story for the broken hearted :broken_heart::

I caught up/on to a fast group of the USAC Cat racers (man, does this race draw some SPEED) doing the 100k due to a pinch point and a tree blocking half the road … and I hung in with them until the 64k turned off from the 100k at mile ~22. And, friends, I was AWAY. (Why they don’t give these race distances a separate start is one of the dumbest decisions with one of the easiest fixes of any race I’ve ever done, but such is their decision. I digress …)

After the turn I kept looking back down those long straight roads and I could barely see any pursuit, if at all … like, I couldn’t tell if I was seeing mailboxes or riders … so I was out there. At about 12 miles from the finish and still only distant pursuit in sight … wait for it, wait for it:

I broke a spoke. On a pavement section. Of a gravel race.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In no time at all I’m staring down at a wobbling front tire and absolutely leaking speed and nursing myself gingerly through corners. I’m not sure if I should have stopped or not … but I was able to ride to the finish.

Got caught about ~6 miles from the finish by a group of 4 and was struggling mightily to hang on to the back even when I was in the draft. Felt like riding on a half-flat … no grip and very slushy feeling.

In my last 4 times doing this event I’ve finished 5th, 2nd, 3rd and now 4th :neutral_face:

With my (almost) 50-year-old fitness pretty close to an all-time high … I really thought this was one of my best remaining chances to cross a line first. Which I’ve still only done once. Sigh.

I’ve never had a mechanical (other than a dropped chain) in a race before, so I suppose the odds were bound to catch up with me. But … my god … the sense of dismay rushing through my brain while pedaling in pudding with a huge gap.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for commiserating. Back at it next year.

See you at the Barry in a few weeks🤘


No, I opted to bail on the race…figured it would be pretty sloppy, too. Opted instead to do the Dad thing and go to my daughter’s LAX game (but she had given me a pass to miss this game for the race :wink:).

Did 3 hours on the trainer before her game and then got outside for another 2 on the trails.

Glad you made it out and had a good results, despite the mechanical. Definitely some bad luck, there!! But sounds like the fitness is definitely there…awesome!!


Are you still planning on doing the Barry?

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