Midwest events for *2024*

Excellent summary, @batwood14 ….you should submit that for a Geography Doctorate. :crazy_face:

ETA - how do over 90% of the people in ND, SD, KS and NE think they live in the Mid-West?!? +90%!!! Unbelievable.


So for the sake of detente, why can’t we align on the US Census boundaries?

I’m on Cloudripper. Apologies for terse replies.

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Who drew this map?

The United Proud Alumni of The Original Big Ten schools, daughters of Detroit autoworkers and the sons of Gary, Indiana steelworkers for great success association of Unity?



Because it is wrong. :crazy_face:


We’re also the people that go for a hundo, in the rain, on vacation. :rofl: My wife says this statement tracks! :rofl:

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If the polled weren’t informed that ‘Great Lakes’ isn’t a region, then that is likely where those 6% came from.


lol, good job Brian!!!

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@koalb i nominate you to lead the Great Plains Renaissance - it is a cause in search of a leader, no? :wink:

In the interest of detente and over-friendly Midwest-ness, I invite you to continue posting on this thread … with 2 caveats:

  1. no longer argue the boundaries of the Midwest, which have been memorialized forthwith (see above)

  2. never speak of Kansas




The only thing that was missing was…


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So anyone find more races

Who is doing rough roads this year? I was going to do melting mann but just read the new start with Mann road being right at the start and im out. I am not dealing with that.

Can I plug my own event?

I put on Granny’s Gravel Grinder on May 4th in Minnesota. $50 reg, several course lengths, well stocked aid stations, post ride meal included in reg, and most importantly, you get a hug from the grandmas at the finish line! Oh, and the event is held at my grandma’s house which is about as grassroots as it gets.

Reg link: Granny's Gravel Grinder Online Registration


Yes! Plug away!! Great use of this thread🤘

I’m doing rough road 100 … I have some unfinished business with that race.


This was originally billed for the first several years (1st ed. was in 2005) as an Ultra- Endurance or Endurance race, in the vein of 24hr MTB races. Which were very popular at the time. It was renamed as a “gravel race” later on, as were many of the mid-2000s events both gravel road and ultra cross.

Rouge Roubaix started four years earlier, Iron Cross started two years earlier, Battenkill in 2004, and D2R2 in 2005. I think the first three have a more robust claim to “OG gravel”, given that in much of the country; events today are closer to those concepts than to Trans Iowa concept.

Trans Iowa became “first” by virtue of Mark Stevenson non-stop posting on his blog, not because it was the first gravel road race. I think if anything the inceptive gravel race is the event now known as Unbound, 1st running in 2006 and both in concept and practice continues today and has spawned more similar events than Trans Iowa.

It is sort of humorous that in addition to Trans Iowa billing itself as “first”, the D2R2 now bills itself as the “original gravel grinder” (obviously not), and Iron Cross calls itself North America’s original gravel race (Paris-Ancaster started in 1994 and Rouge Roubaix started in 2001, at least).

It’s undeniable that it took the merge of Roubaix, Ultra Cross, Endurance/Ultra-Endurance, Monster Cross and Gravel Grinder style events under the same concept of big-G Gravel to create the current nationwide phenomenon. What/Who was first? What/Who was most influential? Well, the gravel historian of the near future will have plenty to argue about.

Listen, I don’t want to be weird, but I’m going to be weird.

The trans-Iowa was the OG of gravel. Period.

Kanza may have gotten bigger and wider, but trans-Iowa invented the genre. This is fact. And on this thread, it’s not up for debate. Mainly (but truthfully) because Kansas is not in the Midwest.

Also, the D2R2 is cute. So is everything in Vermont. And that’s all they are. I love gravel racing and am all for its propagation … but east coast bias doesn’t live here.

I’m not here for historical accuracy. I’m here for spiritual importance. If you want a sober argument with logic and reason, I suggest you log in to the “Dry January” thread :wink:


We were racing Boulder-Roubaix back in the mid-90’s….on road bikes, no less! (I did show up on year on my roadie w/ a Ruby fork and USE suspension fork….and still got my ass dropped promptly, so basically looked like a dork. :crazy_face:)

Not to mention we would often explore gravel roads up in the canyons on our road bikes.

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Judas :disappointed:

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The difference between what was TI and those other events was this, The Spirit, and that is what makes TI the OG.