Midwest Events for *2023*

Im in wave 1 for the 62 mile race at Barry. One year I got like 40th and I can remember attacking through people on hybrid bikes. I didnt want for it to go that way, but I was in a group of 10 and people kept attacking so I kept following.

What y’all got for MO, NE, KS 2024?
Some on my list are Garmin Winter Endurance, Open Range, Unbound, Garmin Gravel Worlds.

Rough Road 100 registration opened up today … I don’t think this is an event that sells out quickly like BRX, Iceman and Dust bowl(?) … but just thought I give the heads up.

It’s on April 6th this year.


Hmmmm……doesn’t conflict with Spring Break this year. :thinking:

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Also Karst Crusher is May 11 next year in Nashville, IN….

…time to open up a 2024 events thread?


I was going to make one soon!

It will arrive on January 1st🤘

Registrations open for winter endurance and gravel worlds