Midwest Events for *2023*

Quick race report on Gravel Worlds, 8/28 in Lincoln, NE:

Did the 75 mile race last year and it felt pretty easy. Totally different ball game this year after portions of the course got about 2" of unexpected rainfall in the early morning hours of race day. Took off at 7AM right as the rain was finally tapering off. All that water really softened up the surface and even the best line got pretty spongy. Turned into a slow parade for the first 20 miles.

There was a 1 mile dirt road section at the 30 mile mark (just about 100 for the 150 riders) that turned into hike a bike. If you happened to have enough wheel clearance, you could power through. I wasn’t so lucky. (Important to note that the race organizers reduced 2 miles of mud the morning of the race courtesy of a re-route).

Took me and my friend way too long to get through the first 35 miles. The rest of the course sped up as the surface dried up and the sun came out.

Chase Wark took second in the 150 event behind John Borstelmann. Was rocking the HED Jet180 (don’t call it a disc wheel). Snagged this pic from his IG feed.





Heard a guy we ride with ripped his derailleur off at the event…I’m assuming it was because of the mud, but haven’t talked to him yet, only heard about his RD. A shame because the guy is a beast.


Grew up in Omaha. Did stints in Michigan and Illinois. Live in Minneapolis now. So I’m not a rookie on this part of the map.

FWIW. For people that really care.

Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana = “Midwest”
MN and WI = “Upper Midwest”
Michigan, Ohio = “Great Lakes”
Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma = “Great Plains”
North Dakota, South Dakota = “The Dakotas”

For someone living in Florida, NY, Boston or Oregon, it’s all just “Midwest” aka, flyover country.


Here’s what the mud section looked like.


Everyone on this thread cares. And by everyone, I mean me and @Power13 :wink:

I like where your head’s at on the Dakotas vs. The Great Plains. I’m on board. I was much more concerned that the picture of the rider with the disc wheel on gravel was you … I definitely would have taken issue with that lol

Sorry about the 2” of rain. Made my stomach turn.


I don’t know what’s more scandalous – the disc wheel or the fact he’s on slicks.

Again, just so no one is confused. That photo is Chase Wark, not me.

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:thinking: Interesting, now if only…


That’s proper “Midwest” too.

But spatially – it’s fast approaching “The Ozarks”.

Let’s refer back to the incredibly well written description of the geographical region to find guidance on Missouri :wink:

Michigan is the most beautiful state (minus Detroit), but Wisconsin thinks that’s bullshit. No one knows what’s in Illinois besides Chicago. Indiana plays basketball, Ohio plays football, Minnesota plays hockey. No one goes to Iowa unless you were born there. Missouri has hills but not mountains and isn’t cold enough, warm enough, wet enough or big enough to be really interesting, be we like it anyway.

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The long voyage ventured into Iowa, I vote we let it pass.


I was told that it is impossible to re-route around mud as it makes the race more Epic and keeps the Spirit of Gravel going. :man_shrugging:


I read this to my wife who was at Unbound with me and I got an eyeroll…


You can reroute races…


Since the powers that be have decided that Nebraska can be included in this thread (TY), putting this here.

Did he race with no cover over the valve stem hole?

and the bigger, more important question.

Does this wheel go ‘whomp whomp’ on the gravel?

Gravel race just south of Chicago next weekend….may give it a go if I can get a couple of buddies to do it with me.

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Is that a race or just a ride?

If there are 2 or more riders and a finish line, it is a race. :crazy_face:

It is on the ABR website, so I assume it is a race.


Doing my first Cheq 40 this year. Any tips for a first timer? I’m not fit enough to really compete but going to give it my best shot. If the weather doesn’t make conditions too rough, can I get away with road pedals? I’ve never done a race this long and think my power pedals might help with pacing.

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