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Hey @jmkizer,

I’ve just looked at your support ticket, and it looks like we might have misunderstood. Your max duration caps should be respected, and while it’s normal to at times be prescribed workouts with shorter durations than your max cap, you shouldn’t get any that are longer.

If that’s what was happening to you (it looks like it is), then you might be running into a bug.

I’ll dig into that now!

Sorry for any confusion!


Thanks. I can work my schedule around it if necessary. I just found the initial response to be surprising.

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If I’m running in to the same thing, should I open a ticket? Could this just be a temporary thing in my calendar until TR recalculates closer to my actual workouts?

Hey @Toasterthief,

Feel free to open a ticket and I’ll pick it up. This way I can link the bug report to your account to help us dig in deeper. Then we can also reach out when it gets squashed… :bug:


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