Long Term Fitness Progression Graph Request

I pulled some graphs from my 3 main resources for the past year and shared them for contrast below.

Strava Fitness & Freshness:

TR Training Stress:

  • To a degree, I see the green bars in TR as a reasonable “progress” indicator along the lines of your blue step graph. It’s pretty easy to see the increase in TSS from week to week, along with the dips from recovery weeks.

  • Each training phase and the results that a person gets with adaptations to their plan from AT will impact the level of steps seen in the green bar graph, but that along with the gray line of the 6 week data is a “trend” indicator that I follow loosely.

Intervals.icu, with my personal settings:

  • This has LOTS of options and I have barely scratched the surface. I know others have done far more, but this shows some options to indicate data for tracking.

Many ways to skin the cat, but I think that TR has at least a decent starting point with the current chart implementation. As mentioned, there are other ways to review training progress like the related power curve.





Wow, Can’t get over how much time you spend putting that together. Thanks for that, good to see all the options. I still like the Strava representation the most, less so for the analytics, more so for the motivation of seeing the overall progression of fitness. Alas, as we know it’s not a true reflection on fitness as it focuses more on volume than actual productive training. I really like what Intervals does and I may try that but strip away some more data.

Below is what my TR graph looks like. For me it’s too busy, the projected line goes down because that’s what TR has prescribed for LV plan. There’s at least eight different colours in the bars and the diamonds are just floating in the abyss. Nothing about that says to me “Good Job. Keep up the work”. Lol. Anyway, just my stupid personal opinion. As I said, I’m a simple man. Perhaps too simple.

Thanks again.


Those pics reinforce the point originally made:

Adding more data on a graph can lead to clutter.

Having options to selectively enable more relevant data is good, for those interested in a deeper dive. This is what Strava has done. I like data, and find Strava’s version of PMC to be well done except for using the often confusing fitness/fatigue/form terms.

A well done graph or set of graphs will encourage the eye to find relationships - Tufte’s The Visual Display of Quantitative Information is a classic read on the subject.

As someone who’s relatively new to cycling, I bloody love this community and the wealth of knowledge it brings with it. Thanks!

There is so much data that I think the challenge becomes learning what’s important/when, and how that changes over the course of a season.

Then realizing you are better off ignoring most of the data you can graph. It’s like pulling tools out of a toolbox, only reach for pliers when you need them.


The graph for me is purely motivational. The only data I focus on is my FTP, how long I cant hold 90% of FTP and Strava Segment Pr’s. lol

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Less is more! Strava is fun.


I would like to see a graph that just shows FTP progression in watts and/or w/kg. I have kind of wanted to make my own graph just to track as I would like to see the rate of progress.