Latex Tubes (Feedback Needed)

Latex is pretty stretchy, so the 23’s are probably fine. You could also go for Vittoria latex tubes, they come in 25/28.

I just found this thread over at the weight weenies forum, it might be worth reading.

+1 for latex here! absolutely love them, rolls really well.

Pinched my first latex tube, since then only used talc powder on both the inside of the tyre and the tube and installed carefully (checking for any pinches) and no issues since! Over 1 year I only had 1 flat on the road with them (which was a loooong thorn that went straight through)

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I have a bunch of Vittoria latex tubes I picked up when ordering tires from ProBikeKit. Some are the 19-24 size and some 25-28. I use 28mm tires and I use both size tubes and can’t tell a difference when they are mounted. If I need a new tube I just grab whichever box is on top. I can’t say I’ve noticed more flats from the 19-24 tubes.

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I just got some vittorias. Of course pricked one with a piece of wire on the first ride. Gonna have a go at patching using old latex tubes and vulcanizing fluid, anyone ever tried this?

Repairing Latex Tubes (Clincher tires) I prefer to use a donor tube for patches and buy rubber cement in a large tube at the auto parts store. Make the patch much bigger than you would for a butyl tube. Put the glue on the tube and the patch and let sit for 3-4 min before pressing together.

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Thanks for that. I think the proper way is to use the vulcanizing stuff rather than glue, especially for latex. My friend said gluing a patch is like putting a band aid on a cut, whereas vulcanizing is how that cut naturally heals on your body, it fuses the pieces together and they can’t come unglued

Yep, the rubber cement you get at the auto store for patching, or that is included with patch kits, is also vulcanizing cement. This seems like a good thread where a chemist chimes in about what the glue does to regular tubes

I’ve read that before and took away that they are similar but not the same