Keegan & World Tour

Is Keegan flirting with EF?. Saw a pic of him wearing an EF Rapha shirt for Cape Epic, with LM. It could be a really good fit!. They have a good program and flexibility.

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I was wondering the same thing at first but he just re-upped with Santa Cruz. Not sure how many years. Don’t think Cannondale, EF sponsor, would like that.

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I think cannondale is owned by the same parent company as Santa Cruz so maybe this is just a 1 time exception deal.


Correct that Pon Holdings owns both Cannondale and Santa Cruz, amongst others(Cervelo). So I’m sure they’re not upset at all, and probably thrilled to have a bit of crossover ad potential. I’m sure that Keegan wasn’t keen on paying for the Cape Epic experience out of his pocket, so having EF help out, and teaming up with Lachlan is just a great call, that benefits all the parties involved!