In-app purchase or add-on for voice?

I watch a lot of tv during training. I mean, you know, mostly videos of people riding bikes either in a virtual world or otherwise. Sometimes I need my phone for other things while trainerroad is running, and that works pretty well I have to say. I appreciate that erg mode is still running the bike in the background while I switch over for a quick message, etc. It’s a great app.

But…and I’m going to laugh if this is already a thing and I just don’t know about it. (I checked the forum, one post in 2018) I thought it would be fun if the text of the workout could be spoken aloud from within the app, and I thought it would be fun if some of the podcast members would take some time in a studio to read the text.

The base idea is an audio file associated to a workout (that you select) and you can click, play audio or not that matches the timing and text of the workout itself. (I see there is already a radio button for instructional text sounds)

The reason for the ‘in-app purchase’ thing is that I would certainly want the trainerroad podcast members on my voice roster and I definitely would like them to be reimbursed for their time. BUT, you could always have other people/groups do their own, or your own coach could put their voice in. :smiley: You get the idea.

Then if I wanted to play along with the text I could do it without having to flip the screen back, or look down at my stem. :smiley: And I could get Chad, Amber, Nate, Pete or Jonathan to tell me to get aero, work the pedal drills or congratulate myself on completing a hard workout.

Great app. thx.

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