Has anyone used TruTrainer Smartload Power Roller

May I ask: how much was shipping and import taxes?

Around $120 and took about a week to reach my door.

You can find out shipping rate from Trutrainer’s website if your shipping destination is listed in their pull-down menu.

Thanks. Can you actually go out of the saddle with the TT? Is it difficult?

Yes you can get out of the saddle, you still need to maintain control is all. If you aren’t used to rollers there will be a learning curve to it. I think you can do everything except true all out sprinting like you would outside but I’ve put 900 or so watts through them without running out of gears in zwift races.

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TruTrainer issued a Bluetooth firmware update about this time last year, and this makes it visible as a controllable trainer in all 3rd party apps. I use it in Zwift with workouts and it works great, providing variations in resistance as it should. That said, I do not trust the power accuracy, so that is fed back to Zwift by a powertap wheel, but the trainer alters resistance to match what the Powertap is telling Zwift.

I also have a Wahoo Kickr v.5, but the rollers are my preferred choice by far.

The other reason is that they only make a very limited number as they both have (maybe ‘had’ by now) full time jobs, so supply capacity is limited. They are great people to deal with, and give brilliant customer service and support.

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There is a bluetooth firmware upgrade, issued in September 2000

  • Presumably you mean “2020”?

Yes, sorry!!