Groadie as main bike

This is my hesitation on going down the “one-bike” route, since I race CX as one of my main focuses. I’m sure there’s ways to work it, but is so hard to know without testing. I’m curious to see Cervelo’s new CX bike - hopefully coming this season. :slight_smile:

Yo yo! I really liked the Bon Jon Pass Extralight tires once I could start riding them, but they were a huge pain to set up! Had to feed them like half a big bottle of Orange Seal over the first 2 weeks as they just kept leaking air at the seams. Once they finally sealed up, they rode so nice and I had no flats for about a year but then got a sidewall cut that would have destroyed any other tire I’ve ever ridden.

I’ve since replaced them with the 38mm Barlow pass tires in the standard casing, and I am much happier with them overall. Sealed up with no issues with just the normal amount of sealant, and ride quality seems to be the exact same but I have the added benefit of more volume and wider tires. They are measuring about 39mm on my 21mm internal rims.

In my experience and from talking with others who have ridden Rene Herse, the Extralight casing seems to be a bit of a waste of money as you end up adding a bunch of more weight just in sealant to get the tire to actually seal


Awesome thanks so much!!! Just ordered Jon Bon Pass in standard casing…can’t wait to try them!!

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The Groad Roubaix:

Nothing special to it, just installed 32mm Panaracer Gravelkings (tubeless, they measure around 33mm on the Roval C38) and then joined the local gravel ride. My rides are typically 60-70% road and the remaining on gravel/mild single track. The bike is not ideal for single track, many times I’m “kicking” the front wheel due to the toe overlap. Despite that it is still fun! I believe a 35mm tire will fit on the front, looks like there is 5mm clearance on the sides (I can fit a 5mm Allen key there). In the back I would not go higher than 33mm, the recommended maximum tire width.

A little on why I chose this one…The Roubaix wasn’t my 1st choice, I moved from South to North America earlier this year and I did not bring my diverge (moving during a pandemic is not fun). When I got to my new home I realized it’s nearly impossible to get the bike you want, I guess you all know the shortage is real. I wanted to get the Domane, Aspero or Caledonia but none was available. When I saw the right size Roubaix on ThePro’sCloset website I decided to pull the trigger. It meets the criteria I had, I can ride gravel and if crits come back I can also use the same bike to race. Unfortunately I can’t do cyclocross on it but I’ll have to deal with that.

I’m thinking about bringing the Diverge here but I know from experience that having more than one bike will lead to having one full time on the trainer and the other for outside riding. If I find a good deal on a frameset (mainly a Cervelo Aspero or Trek Domane) I might be tempted to do it but I believe I will allocate the funds on a mountain bike.

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I didnt read through everything here but honestly I use my Diverge as a;

Road Bike
Gravel Bike
Cyclecross bike
Light XC MTB

I cant find the ends to the bike, I have different wheels for different things and gearsets on it and combine that with a rotor crank switching the front chain ring is a breeze. I am primarily a 1 x user now and my two typical gear choice is 38T x 10-42 and a 38T x 11-28.

The funny thing is I have a high end road bike, CX, and MTB but I just reach for the diverge. My sundays are a ton of fun as I do part gravel, part road and part local mtb trails on it.

I find that between my road bike and gravel (road setup) that if I am going to get dropped on the Thursday night world group ride that it would have happened on my road bike also…

That’s my feeling on this.

Wheel combos;

Gravel/MTB - Zipp 303 with Pirelli Cinturato H (40) - 38 x 10-42
Road - Mavic Ksyrium with GP5000 (28) - 38 x 11-28
CX - Roval SLX with Specialized Tracer (38) - 38 x 10-42
CX MUD - DT Swiss (something cheap) with Terra Pro (33) - 38 x 10-42


that’s the thing with multiple bikes, we usually reach for the same one over and over…this is why I like the “one bike to rule them all” idea. I also have a Diverge and I love it.


Have been using my Factor LS as everything-bike for several months now with great success.

Geometry and tire clearance allows it to do everything well.

Very pleased

Quick steer on this wider question;

3T exploro or Canyon Grail carbon frame (similarly priced and speccws used options available to me).

Are either likely to be a ‘bad’ choice as a Groadie?

Currently favouring the Canyon based on it having a 2x chainring plus the twin bars for hand comfort


It’s an old post and no good if you’re not into XL bikes but thus helped me a bit as it gave indications of where bike manufacturers put stack and reach comparatively.

Then it’s geometry geeks.

No idea if it may help or not but possibly worth a look.

Also playing with you can see if you can tweak the fit of up to three bikes to get your ideal stack and reach…

Have a Grail in XS which comes with 650b wheel size. I haven’t tried but it seems like there would be enough room for a 700c road set.

Didn’t realize when I bought the Grail that tire clearance, even with 650b, is about 42. Not ideal. Not saying I regret the Grail in any way but wish I would have been more aware of this.

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Feel the same about my Jamis Renegade - I’m far more likely to reach for that than the road bike or MTB when I head out as it seems to just do it all. :grin: :+1:t2:

If a bike is specced 650b, there should be no clearance issues putting a road 700c set on it. Occasionally an issue the opposite direction, when the overall wideness of a 650b can cause a clash with certain stay shapes etc.

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Somebody posted these over on weightweenies…

Seems the 3T exploro is a great choice as a groadie


Ooh :smiley:

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That’s what I thought but I’ve already ordered something else :grimacing:

What did you order? (Being nosey) :joy:

I’ve been waiting for my Ridley Kanzo Fast since Feb… due end of october.

Wouldn’t suit you as it’s 1x only.

Happy if it looks half as good as that 3T…

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The spec was largely due to the frame size…my guess is that if you use a 700c wheel, you’re gonna have some toe overlap issues.


Good point. If it’s a 42mm or so 650b, then yes it seems like even a thin road 700c tire would be larger in diameter unfortunately.

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A “bad” choice? Probably not…but I think the 3T would be a “better” choice (assuming you can work with a 1x drivetrain). Like the Aspero, the 3T seems to be a “gravel bike for roadies”…well suited for gravel rides, but more “at home” on the road than most.