Gravel Bike vs Road Bike

Hi All.

I am hoping you can help me with a slight dilemma i have. I am looking to purchase a new bike to go alongside my tt bike for triathlon. The reason is that i do not want to always go on the tt bike in the winter and when conditions are not the greatest on the road.

I will be doing up to 5 hours on the road training for the ironman. However, i also want some versatility to be able to go on bridle pathways/light forest and gravel pathways. Nothing too major or technical as i will be with the mrs.

I know that i want two wheel sets. 1 for road and 1 for the gravel/wetter more comfy days.

Do i go with a gravel bike with extra road tyres or a road bike with gravel tyres. Bearing in mind the clearances etc. I do not want to drop a mortgage on the bike. I won’t be doing any crits or races in the future. If you have any examples and your opinion that would be great.

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Please review and use one of the many existing discussions:

I have similar thoughts to you…and have looked at the Santa Cruz stigmata with two different wheel sets

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