Gravel bike opinions

Orro Terra not a bad option either. :grin:

I have a Planet X Tempest. Bombproof, I really like it.
In the UK and budget checked.
When everything else is broking, there is still the Tempest.

Also UK based bikes are the Sonder bikes from Alp Kit. They even have a titanium one… Just like planet x.
Planet X used to be great when you could pop into the shop…

I gave a lot of thought to Sonder but the wait time put me off.

Just to clarify, the Canyon is coming tomorrow, I don’t need any more recommendations :joy:

I know but…

You’ll be pleased with the Canyon. Good choice! :rofl:. Love mine (road bike). :+1:t2:

Agree, it’s always the option. Just check the bike and details carefully. I purchased my Schwinn(exact model) this way - 2x cheaper and condition near to perfect!

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