General Build LV Mid-Late 2020 Plan Changes?

I started TrainerRoad earlier this year and progressed through SSBLV1, SSBLV2, GBLV (mostly), and some of Specialty Climbing Road Race LV. Afterwards, I went back to SSBLV2 and completed it. Out of curiosity, I revisited the workouts within GBLV. However, I noticed several workout changes compared to when I went through it late June through August 2020:

Week 1:
Carpathian Peak changed to Avalanche Spire
Spanish Needle -3 changed to Williamson +2

Week 2:
Lion Rock to Spanish Needle -3

Week 3:
Junction -1 to Gabb

There’s 1 or 2 other changes on the set of workouts after the mid-plan rest week and ramp test, but not as noteworthy as above.

I wasn’t able to find any TR blog articles or forum posts about this in my limited search efforts.

Any reason why these changes were implemented?


Hey! We’re looking into this change specifically, and will get back to you.

Comprehensively though, its normal to see plan changes!

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