Franken Gravel Ultra Endrance Bike Concept - Will it work?

Thanks and NO I won’t be at the pointy end 38 is big out here for mortals. No way I can run that off road that isn’t flat :grimacing:

:sob: thanks appreciate the information

Like I said, there could be some options out there, ones that I either forgot or don’t know about.

Hopefully anyone who knows of examples can share them. But I think you are likely asking for too much from a single bike when two may be the “right” solution.

Thanks I like it and it has my attention :grin:

If you are prioritizing comfort and handling/descending, an XC MTB is a really good choice. Get one with a double lockout remote. Even assuming a 1x setup running a 38 chainring, it will not cause you to get dropped in a pace line in an ultra endurance event. Even the guys getting on the podium are not crushing 30+ mph on the flats for extended periods during those events. I did a 60 mile gravel race once on my XC bike and averaged over 21mph and sucked wheels the entire day. You are much more likely to get dropped on the climbs due to gearing, very rare you’d need more than a 38/10 on the fast flat sections.

Lael Wilcox has used bikes based on the Specialized Epic HT in many races. Built with a drop bar and a flat bar too, if I am correct. See her instagram @laelwilcox for ideas.


Man, Badlands looks so epic!! I’ve wanted to do it ever since I saw the EF film of Lachlan Morton riding it.

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Is the Mason ISO your European version of the cuthroat? InSearchOf | Shop | MΔSON | Make • Progress
Seems to tick a lot of your boxes and is suspension ready. Can’t tell if it takes a front mech or not (maybe with a band-on adapter?)

Like a few others have said, I think your spread of use cases is a bit wide for a single bike to cover without making decent sacrifices at the extreme ends, but it can definitely be done to a useable standard. Brake swap would be the big split point for me too, and I wouldn’t be willing to ride non-hydro discs for the kind of stuff you’re describing. What you might get away with though is swapping between low to mid flare drop bars and some of those really extreme flare drop bars that basically turn your STIs on their sides. I don’t think I’d enjoy riding those, but if they work for you then I expect they give nearly as much control as a flat bar.

If you’re up for getting into the ins and outs of frame design then your spec sheet sounds like an ideal project for a custom titanium framebuilder. There are now a lot of small brands that do custom geometry and design but leave the fabrication to a third party - won’t be as light or exotic as Moots or similar but you get most of the benefits and the frames can end up priced fairly competitively. My Albannach Torragar is a bit tame and road-focused compared to what you’re describing, but was customised with a similarly wide range of uses in mind. Jim (designer) has done some hardtail MTBs in the past and has had riders use his bikes for things like the Atlas Mountain Race so he might be excited about taking on a custom project like yours if he’s got the time - worth getting in touch. FRAMEWORKS - A L B A N N A C H
You may also have a similar brand that’s more local to you if you look around.

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Things like this have been done, may I present, exhibit A :


18 lbs?? :exploding_head::thinking::exploding_head::thinking::exploding_head:

My Cutthroat with straight post, carbon fork, Force/GX mullet and no pedals is ~21 lbs

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Jumping into this thread a bit late, but think my Bearclaw Thunderhawk build checks a lot of your boxes.

With the MRP Baxter 2.0 gravel suspension fork and the 100mm AXS dropper, I can ride pretty much everything I need to. Clearance for days on both 700c and 27.5 wheels. Current gearing is set up for Unbound XL with a 46t chainring and 10-52 cassette but I run a 40t chainring for bikepacking. Redshift quick release aero bars with sram wireless blips on the extensions for when I want to have extra positions.

I’ve ridden this bike on the first few sections of Colorado Trail and while definitely not as fast on the descents I can still ride everything. The bike just rips.

As far as being able to swap between flat bars and drop bars, you should check out the Formula hydro brake quick disconnects. I ran them for a little on my Open to swap between rigid carbon fork and the MRP, and they did the job. I did however run into issues with brake performance after a few swaps back and forth which could have just been user error. I myself would suggest just finding some nice wide comfy drop bars and running them full time.


It does look like a proper WW build. Naked carbon frame. Tubular wheels. Is that a Darimo seatpost? and the Specialized carbon cranks. WW cassette with carbon low cog. It looks incredible but I wouldn’t want to be the one maintaining it during and after a bikepacking race!


OKay after my first quick perusal, I found two places here in Spain that has the Salsa Cutthroat one offers a complete bike and the other offers frame set. Okay it’s on my radar ! Thank you


Thank you informative I never thought about custom frame build…

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Thanks. I do have a climbing concern not sure I can make it up all the steep climbs here. So maybe I will have to compromise on speed on the flats…

Nice bike and I like the build

And WOW! Interesting.

:rofl: Yep that is what hooked me as well. But it’s a beast I go back and forth, do it, no don’t too hard it might break you physically or permanently…Then I’m back on it okay you can do it make it a year or multi year project… and that is what led me this post maybe I do it on MTB or a Franken bike as the Goal is to finish.
My LBS owner said why would pay for that and you get zero support :thinking: :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging:

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Nice to see another Baxter out in the wild!

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Sweet! Okay looks like i need to build my spreadsheet and consider modifying what my Franken bike will be and or not be… more to follow thanks

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