ENVE's new $1600 Foundation Series wheels

That’s a damn fine assessment, man. Thanks for sharing.

I’m definitely interested in hearing how they handle crosswinds when you find yourself in those conditions. I’m around 143 (so not far off you) and am always wary of deep wheels because of that.

I just picked up the Zipp 303 S for my “allroad” bike but I keep dreaming of a new SuperSix with a set of these Foundation 65s…eventually.

Its funny you mentioned freehud being loud. My freehub is almost silent. Wonder why the big difference

Just want to say thank you. So good to get real and detailed feedback from other riders.

Is the little stripe marking on the Foundation wheels a sticker? I’d want to take those off if I could.

I think you are seeing the serial number sticker. Yes, I should probably take those off… :slight_smile:

Haha. No, I meant the 65/Enve.

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Great looking whip you got there. I like that 3rd bottle cage. It’s been upper 90’s to over 100 at the end of my rides lately and 3 bottles for 3 hours of tempo isn’t enough. I hate to bring the USWE pack but don’t mind an extra bottle in the jersey. That setup would get me to 4. I’m not a stop at the gas station kind of guy either so I go with what I bring.

Thank you for the report too. I agree the hubs are loud but man I love letting someone know I’m on their wheel coasting haha. I also agree they really do have a different feel once you get them up to speed. I think I mentioned above somewhere in this thread but they hold speed very well. I can’t say that I notice it so much but I’ve ridden with a number of folks who have noticed (I can coast when they have to peddle, that kind of thing).

Thanks for the report!


That’s one fine looking bike you’ve got there. I’m not looking to buy ENVE wheels but they sure do look the business. I would love to know which company makes both your top tube bag and bottle holder though. I’ve never seen a bottle holder like that.

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The top tube bag is:

The bottle cage is from SKS.


more important question - what Project One color / scheme is that?! Looks awesome.

Kuttermax, are the 65 and Enve stickers? Or are they permanent?

I don’t own ENVE’s but because they have a program where you can order custom patterned decals I’m going to assume they’re stickers.


Yes - they are stickers. Should be easy to remove is someone wanted to and custom stickers can be ordered, but pricey.


Thank you!

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Thanks. I don’t remember the exact colors, but this was a Project One template and then I picked the four different colors - the base for the frame, the red and white highlights, and then the color of the Trek logo. Here is a zoom in of what I had written on the frame and it shows the colors.

I used an automotive ceramic coating on the frame (Adam’s Polishes) and periodically clean it with their CS3 spray, which adds an additional level of protection. Overall its held up pretty well but I did get some paint peeling on the seat tube after a couple of years. My local Trek dealer sent it to Wisconsin and they fixed it up under warranty. They also touched up some scratches on the chainstays at the same time.


Well I’ve already ordered from Amazon today. I guess we’ll make it a double.

Thank you for the recommendation, I will give this a shot this weekend!


Thanks for sharing! Great timing as my outdoor rides start to creep over 4 hours here on out and I always run out in the 3rd far from any village to refill.

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Much appreciated. Thank you :grin: :+1:

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Hey gang, slightly off topic here, but has anyone heard anything about new Enve SES wheels dropping any time soon? Seems like the non AR 3.4 discs could be due for an update. Would be awesome to see them release wide internal, tubeless wheels that fell below the 1,250-1,300g mark.

I’m building an Open UPPER and want to snag some Enve wheels (in a large part due to their unreal warranty/crash replacement scheme), but find myself leaning towards picking up a set of the new Farsports Feder wheels that come in at like 1,150g for the set. I totally know that ~300g will not actually make a huge real world difference, but I will be running ~35mm slicks, so not all that concerned with aero and think it’d be cool to keep the thing as featherweight as possible.

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I’m thinking Enve will just let the SES series fade away and move forward with just making more depths in the AR and Foundation lines.

Just purely speculation though