Dumb flywheel trainer with Assioma pedals and rear wheel cadence/speed sensor

Thanks again for the advice! I’ve ridden over hundred 100+ mile days in the last 20 years and a couple 200+ mile rides…the last big one was the Dirty Kanza 200 in 2019…and as you can imagine, training for a 200+ mile single day ride/race requires a good dozen or more 120-150 mile training rides leading up to it.

This year, I’m looking to do the Vermont 200 on 100 solo - 210 miles on Vermont highway 100 from Canada to MA. Ted King made it famous by riding it with some pro buddies 10 years ago in something close to 10 hours…and he did it again on January 1st 2021…solo…in the freezing cold and dark. I’m going to try to do it solo in May and maybe hit 13 hours…or longer if things go badly… we’ll see.

If that goes well…I’m may try to do the Seattle to Portland route solo (200 miles) later in the season…we’ll see.

Awesome! My first century was the Farm to Fork Fondo at Lake Champlain in 2019. Beautiful. I’m from New England and at the time was living in CT.