Does Adaptive Training Use Heartrate Info

Yep could be!

I played around with it a lot. Probably some specific reasons I ended up with my approach. I think it might of been to do with the definition of Power/HR in Z2 but can’t remember. Might also of been something to do with the filtering.

Either way I just tried it and works with my filtering settings it seems also - good catch! :+1:t2:



Thanks @ojtCycling and @Quaestor. I was able to build my own plot in intervals with this.

Q: I only recently started structured training in the last two season. This year is the longest I’ve done structured training. So I’m always been in the ‘easy/steady gains’ phase. Do you guys have any experience with what they trends do long term? I guess if you’re consistent and train right and see some power gains, you should see an increase in this ratio all the way to your genetic potential. Does that sound right?


Think I found the reason why I was not using the Power/HR in Z2 plot @Quaestor - having coincidently checked a z2 ride this morning, I noted it was not being given a Power/HR in Z2 value and investigated further.

The Power/HR in Z2 looks at exactly that - time spent with your HR in Z2…now we all know how individual and/ or misaligned HR zones can be to Power zones and I noticed that my HR for this endurance ride was actually below my Z2 HR zone threshold…a good sign for me as it comes after base block and recovery time, but means that It was not picked up in Power/ HR in Z2 plot.

I think I experienced this before and is why I reverted to to the Power/HR and Efficiency (NP/HR) metrics as it accounted for all Power and HR values and I just filtered it by my endurance rides.

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It would be nice if @davidtinker could customize this indicator with check boxes…so for our purposes we would include HR z1,z2.

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Would be interesting to see how that worked out. I would be worried that Z1 might pull in a lot of spurious data (riding slowly towards a red light and so on). The power/HR data points that go into the curve get a lot of cleaning to get good data.

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