Convert 105 11 speed disc brake to TT setup

Why is the position an issue?
Too aggressive for a 60 mile ride?

Yeah exactly. Although in the picture it doesn’t look all that crazy. Maybe I could try a ride longer than 1 hr and see how it goes.


Rode an hour, damn near killed me. Got out on the domane with clip ons…bliss!

Couple other options came to me on the ride
-Just ride this
-buy one of those narrow drop handlebars, cut off the ends and run it upside down. Totally old school!
-swap the hydro brakes for cable brakes then buy cable brake levers, bar end shifters, and go nuts with the aerobar

Haven’t given up on the TT bike but in its current form it is just terrible for actual riding. Can’t see, can’t turn, can’t slow down, can’t ride slow (58t X 11-25) everything hurts (especially when going easy). It’s my 20 minute bike. It does one thing well. Just one thing.