Bike build/preference question … 1x/Electronic vs 2x/Mechanical, etc

Pity, sounds like I should have taken the risk when I had the chance. I was told by a very reliable source that they had problem setting up hydraulic shifting.

I heard that as well that is was difficult to initially setup.
But with the proper support by Rotor for the LBS it was fine.

It is a setup and forget set. Maybe only the occasional bleeding of the set.

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My Ekar bike came with a 38t chainring on the front - coming from 2x11 I thought that sounding ridiculously small so bought a 44t chainring even before I road it.

That was 2 months ago and I haven’t fitted it yet, the 9t cog has only been used a few times on fast downhills.

Think I’ll end up with a 40t or 42t for faster rides.

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  1. 1x on everything for me, only regret is not doing it earlier. (Cross/ MTB / Road)
  2. So far only had mechanical, but in the future will go electronic, would not know why i’d regret not having to replace cables ever again, or indexing gears.

Depends on your use.
If cyclocross, then maybe the Crux, if not, then both look nice. The Open is at least available in colors or ready to paint. Open is way less expensive than a S-Works too. (Specialized CruX is comparable)


I got my 40T because that was the only Ekar crank available. My previous was 42T on my old gravel bike. But I’m not spinning out so haven’t had the urge to swap it. My feeling on gravel is err on the side of easier not harder. I’ve never had the feeling of “dang I want a bigger gear” on gravel. Have thought multiple times “dang I wish had an easier gear” though. Live in Georgia and the north Georgia mountains can be tough. And at unbound, the last 50 miles everyone wants an easier gear!