Bike build cost

Reading this thread it looks like I way undercharge. I usually tell my buddy to bring his bike and components over with a six pack of beers and we’ll make a Saturday of it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

$300 though sounds reasonable for a pro to do it all. When you factor in shop space/rent, tools, all other overhead, etc. and the fact that if something is a little off it takes time to redo and get it right, it’s pretty good. I personally though enjoy it so even if it was $20 I’d still do everything myself.

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I think $300 is pretty fair. More if it’s a really challenging build, $800 seems pretty high.

-former bike mechanic

I’d pay nothing as I do all of that myself. And I’d do it for you for free too if you just brought me a beer and hung out to chat about bikes for a few hours while I build it :slight_smile:

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I charge the same :frowning:

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How much would you expect a restaurant/bar to charge to uncork a bottle of wine and serve it to you? If the bike shop is not making anything on the parts/components and you have no relationship with the shop doing the work then I would expect to pay top whack

~$350 Aussie dollars.

i had the same shop do 2 frame builds for me. $300 was the blanket estimate, first one cost less, second cost more since I had to buy a couple brake calipers since the ones i provided from a previous bike wouldn’t fit the new frame. So look for $200-300

This is what my local Velofix (Ontario, Canada) charges. They were telling me that they also do Canyon builds for $100 - there is an option at checkout for the purchaser to have it shipped to the Velofix peeps.

I just did a full build with di2 shifting and tubeless tire setup and had a local mobile mechanic do the work in my driveway. The build took about 6.5 hours. Paid $400 plus I tipped the guy because he was generally pretty cool and easy to work with. Two of my LBS quoted $350 and $500, both said work would be completed within 3-5 business days. I’m in the west coast of the US, large city.

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Yeah, that sounds about right.
When my LBS built my new road bike, I didn’t pay anything directly. If I had stuck to the standard configuration of the bike (a 3T Strada), I would have saved money by ordering online. But I wanted a pretty custom config (upgraded wheels, power meter, Force eTap AXS Wide rear derailleur, 10-36 cassette, different sized chain ring), and because of the pandemic acquiring the parts was quite a hassle. They had to order an RTP frame, paint it (which I paid for), etc. I’m super happy with the result.

I want LBS like this one to survive, so I am happy to pay. The owner and head mechanic is a former pro world tour team mechanic, and he is teaching his craft to the next generation. My bike setup was perfect, from the perfectly aligned disc rotors to my fit. He has put me in touch with lots of people (e. g. a former pro turned bike fitter) and knows his stuff when it comes to bikes.