Best Racing Gravel Bike 2024

Yeah, their geo shows 72.9* effective from BB to the Effective Top Tube location where the measure the angle too.

Their notes below shows 72.5* Actual STA and the need to run a zero offset post. Its sort of the MTB problem again, and some means functional saddle height may impact actual fore-aft range differently.

Could play into bar reach issues as well as weight distribution too for taller riders with the more slack angle. But thats a guess without a deep dive in CAD along with some fore-aft analysis.

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Hi! Last week I did some sketchy gravel downhills at 60 kph with a bar bag, I didn’t notice any speed wobbles and haven’t had any before either. I don’t know what is the reason for them, but I find the fork very stable.

Comparing to a cx bike I had before I don’t think the BB is too high, for me Seigla feels like a fast and nimble bike which is also super steady in corners. The tire choice will maybe affect a bit too.

I think it will do as well as a adventure bike as a race bike, I did a 300km day a month ago and next week I will do European Championships with it in Belgium. It is a great bike, the best I’ve ever had :slight_smile:


@moukari thank you so much for this. What tires are you running? Good luck at the European Championships. Let us know how you do!

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Thanks, I think they will be S-Works Pathfinders (42 mm). Good rolling and good grip for a semi slick tyre. I got a new pair of them very cheaply from For me they have been very durable. I have now about 3 000 km with my older pair with zero issues and a lot of long rides, the longest was 512 km all the way to the arctic circle from my home :slight_smile: this week I will build another pair of wheels to my Seigla, they will have 29x2.2” Racekings.

Anyone tried pathfinder 47 on a factor ostro gravel ?

Dylan Johnson does, but he needs to shave the side knobs down.


Hes running 11s shimano also, im running 12s sram 2x and i doubt ill have as much room.

Maybe I’ll buy a set and do a roll down test

That I can’t comment on…are you running 1x? DJ is running 2x. Eliminating the FD should help improve clearance.

I’m running 2x. I’m trying to have my 2024 unbound set up figured out by December

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@moukari thanks! I was hoping you would say that (Pathfinders). Heard lots of good things about them. Thanks again!

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I’m feeling quite tempted by some of these end of season sales on the Aspero.

Has anyone who ever bought one regretted it?

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I regret not shelling out the extra cash for the Aspero 5.

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I love my Aspero….zero regrets at all (except I maybe could have gone for a 56).

Was exactly what I wanted….a road bike for gravel. Great geometry, low BB, kinda aero, good tire clearance.


Its a great bike.


I race a Seigla Rigid Wirelesss, size Medium, am 182cm. Came from a Silverback CF large.

The Lauf has never had any speed wobble, handles like a whip, very nimble. No regrets buying the Lauf. Feels more road bike fast than gravel bike fast.


@rkoswald Does anybody near you have a Lauf in your size that you can test ride?

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They have a 30 day return policy. I think it costs you a $100 fee to return but they allow people to ride the bike for 30 days and return if they don’t like it


I cracked and picked up an Aspero-5, I couldn’t pass on the the sale price for the 2023 Force AXS xplr build.

Saw some good deals on the Aspero frames too…


You will love that bike


Ok, second guess me here. I welcome it.

Just got the green light to make a purchase. I’m looking at the Cervelo Aspero GRX 810 for $3,300 on sale right now. Given the prices on these, I have a hard time justifying spending more than that.

Tell me why I shouldn’t pull the trigger on the Aspero?

Here’s my use case:

  • I don’t MTB.
  • I don’t really do road. Might do more in the future, but most of my road is getting to and from gravel. Might do more group rides in the future.
  • I don’t do any kind of backpacking. My only competitive events are single-day gravel races in the 50-150 distance on country gravel and MMR roads. Don’t really do much singletrack.
  • I’m riding a 2018 aluminum frame with carbon fork and 2x Ultegra. (Diamonback Haanjo.) I like 2x. I like Shimano.
  • Primarily seeking improved handling and comfort and less frame flex – and speed. Will take all the speed I can get.