Best Racing Gravel Bike 2024

I was able to run 42s on it and I ran a 2x set up.

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I ran Rambler 45’s on my Aspero last year for Big Sugar with zero issues.


I don’t see any good deals unfortunately - do you think people don’t like it so much?

I’ve seen the Aspero apex 1 or the lower grx 2x for like 2400$ online. Cervelo/shops are def cleaning inventory to get ready for the entry level Aspero to come with Sram Apex axs. Which, I would love to wait for but I have gravel races to do, ha!

Everyone I know with the Aspero likes it.

I was curious about the Revolt carbon previous models as you can find them easily for under 2K. Though the D post seat has had some issues it appears.

I feel like pricing on toys have dropped.


I think I’m going previous model Revolt Advanced 2. Will dump the wheels and cassette to put on my lighter carbon wheels and cassette. That should save a bit of weight. Found one locally for a really good price. ($1,500 barely used!). Figure the bike wont be the one holding me back. I do find myself around the front of the age groupers when doing gravel.

Do you like the ramblers? I know they’re not rated as being particularly fast but I’m considering getting the size 50 ramblers for my Seigla just for a nice comfortable ride.

They were a good choice for Big Sugar…I also used Rambler 40’s in 2019 when I did DK / Unbound. At the time, they were a “top of the list” choice, now they are more mid-pack.

But they have good tread / protection, traction and are pretty comfortable…just not the fastest option today. But if you are running 50’s, speed is probably not your primary criteria so I think they would be a good choice.

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I started the year switching back and forth between 45c Pirelli Cinturato H’s and 50c Ramblers, but I pretty quickly came to the conclusion that swapping wheels is a huge pain in the ass and 50c Ramblers rolled just fine even on pavement. I spent the second half of the summer entirely on the Ramblers and was perfectly happy with them everywhere, but they’ve been awesome on the chunky stuff.

Basically, the benefits on the chunky stuff far outweigh the losses on the flat stuff, at least in terms of fun and comfort.


Fun? Comfort? Do you even gravel Bro? ( :rofl: )


I currently run pirelli Cinturato M 45s which I know are super popular as a good all arounder. While super durable I find they fee sluggish and are a pretty harsh ride.

The slow rolling 50s definitely wouldn’t be the reason I don’t reach the podium. lol

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Good to hear. Ramblers may not be the sexy choice anymore but still seem okay for mere mortals


Only pain is allowed.

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Beatings will continue till you win


I believe Keegan was on Rambler 38’s at unbound this year. He did OK with them. I’m not sure that makes them full-on sexy, but they aren’t the ugliest kid at the dance. Ramblers aren’t my favorite for racing these days, but I still have a few pairs that I use as a general “rolling around and training” tire. Slow-ish on the road, but decent off road and very durable.

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Valid points. I wasn’t sure what Keegan ran at Unbound. I have very little road riding needed for gravel although when I am on road my riding friend always comments how loud my pirelli Cinturato Ms are on pavement. lol But tires aren’t my limiting factor for sure.

I’m here to tell yall that you are greatly overthinking a gravel race bike. For the first time in a while, there is a cycling discipline where you can straight run what you brung as long as the tires make sense and be just as fast as someone on a ridiculous rig. Crockett, 40mm tires, di2 not necessary. This is the one bike I could probably live with if I was restricted to one bike.

As long as your routes/races don’t include some serious chunk, you don’t need the ridiculous rigs I’ve seen. Nor do I believe that the aero-gravel stuff makes that much sense (at least not yet). This is all to say, enjoy the scene before the tech catches up and you might have to pay to play. I say this as a most-of-the-time roadie.


Agreed. I rode grav nationals on a crockett. was in the front group until i had to stop for something else.

Man that paint scheme is an all-time great imho.

I agree with all of this. Gravel, especially the age groupers, even at the pointy end of it, is a ‘run what ya brung’ vibe. Only reason I sold my Focus Mares CX which I used at SBT twice and other gravel events was I couldn’t get 40s or 42s into it. The bike was awesome. If I only had one bike, it would be that.

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