Best Adventure Gravel Build 2024

There is definitely noticeable speed wobble when riding no hands with a heavy bar bag. I find most bikes are prone to this, I don’t think it’s particular to the Lauf. And never any issue at all with even one hand on the bars. It’s not something that impacts handling, except when taking both hands off the bar e.g. to stretch the back.

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One idea I have is to sell my Epic Evo (except the wheels), and build an Epic WC, in that way I would get basically two bikes….

I think I can get the WC close to 20lbs


Here’s mine, I have now removed the dropped, went from rambler 50 to speedero 40 and up to a 46T chainring since I’m mostly riding bike path during winter for TR outdoor workouts


Contemplating a Titanium custom build. More to come.


Great minds think alike! Looks like we’ve got similar setups, albeit mine is set up with Force XPLR. Out of curiosity: why did you get rid of the dropper post? I have a fixed post on mine but I’m dropper-curious.

mostly riding flats and road during winter and the enve post is a lot more comfortable compliance wise than the reverb, will probably go back to using the dropper once I started riding more aggressive climbs/terrain

Figured I would come back and update this thread for me. I’ve been buying parts, and finally took the jump when I got a discount on a MOG frame. I’ve been lucky and have gotten almost all of the stuff I have at a substantial discount with all the sales recently which is really what spurred me to do it. Pretty much everything so far except the Red Shifters I just ordered.

Build will be 1X Sram XX SL - This is what I have on my MTB so a lot of crossover tools and spares here.
Wheels are We Are One Revive 25mm IW, Berd Spokes, DT Swiss 180 Hubs, 1,138g bare (Have DT 180’s on two other wheelsets and all the tools to rebuild / service)
Going with the Enve Aero In Route Bars / Stem, Clip on Aero Bars.
SRAM Red E2 (New) Shifters and Brakes
SRAM Force D2 Wide Cranks, Quarq PM, 44T Chainring to Start

I need to do frame protection - Any recommendations? RideWrap? Do it myself? Send it out? Racing Unbound next year and thinking about Peanut Butter Mud protection.

Still need to decide on Seatpost v. Dropper (Probably a Compliant Fixed Post or RedShift for Unbound and similar, OneUp V3 otherwise?) Need to pick up a bunch of little stuff, and a BBInfinite BB which I use on all my Bikes and love for ease of servicing.

Not really going to ride this much until the fall, so want to have it fully set up and ready to go as I get time over the summer, but I guess I’m committed now. Last thing I need in my life is another project, but what the hell…


what kinda discount did you get on the MOG? im tempted to call around and see if I can get one but 5K for a frame is a lot of money so thinking a steep discount is needed to make it worth going a MOG over something like an Aspero…

The Bare Frame (not including Bars, Stem, Aero Bars, etc.) was around 10%. I probably could have gotten better based on conversations I had, but this was a sale price they’d run recently and I had a big return credit where I wanted to purchase. Seriously, it’d be in your best interest to call and ask around, I was turned onto that by some members here.

Everything else besides the frame, except the Red Shifters, I’m probably averaging 25%+. Sales lately have been really, really good.

Am I correct that the ENVE frames are currently only compatible with full through bar/stem hose routing? They check nearly all my boxes, but I really want to be able to take the bar off to pack it for travel. If they made an under-stem-routing headset adapter I’d be on board.

From Enve:

The MOG is designed to seamlessly integrate with the ENVE IN-Route system components including the stem and handlebar. While it may be possible to run an aftermarket stem, we do not recommend it. An aftermarket stem will potentially create routing and compatibility problems. Most importantly though, we do not offer a top bearing cover that can accommodate the entrance of housing or hoses into the head tube and therefore the head tube and headset bearings would be exposed to the elements of one elected to use an aftermarket stem.

Thanks. That’s a shame. I don’t mind hidden cables but ability to swap out a stem or remove/stow bars is a must IMO.

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My approach is just going to be a case I don’t need to remove them because I have a Road Bike that’s set up that way too. And, being that it’s not all that frequent, if I have to re-run cables and re-bleed brakes, so be it. When you actually get down to it, it doesn’t take that long. But I sure wouldn’t want to be doing it while traveling if I could avoid it.

I put RideWrap on my Seigla myself. I went with the full protection so I could bike pack without concerns. Super pleased with it. However, applying it is a very tedious process and if you are particular about the looks then I recommend having someone else do it, or plan to do it slowly over several days. Do not stay up all night to get 'er done - you will inevitably mess up a seam. :slightly_frowning_face:

I did that…it really is so hard even in perfect conditions and taking your time.

Enve now has a bypass spacer, unless you want to slam the stem down you can route your cable under the stem and outside the bars as well, but probably still would want an enve stem since they match pretty well but you avoid the full internal through bars/stem.

I believe them stem now comes with a bypass spacer


I went with Ridewrap on my MOG. They’re local to me so was able to get them to do it and I’m very happy with the result.


I did ridewrap my mog and it came out pretty sweet, almost perfect, I did give them feedback that the kit could have included protection for the drive side bb area which didn’t had any, I did it myself with left overs not the best but added some coverage in the area.


Well, Ridewrap it is. I’d sort of like to just forget it and pay someone to do it for me, but I may just do it myself. I tend to be a little OCD about this stuff, and am pretty handy.

@mfa81 - You did yours yourself? Manageable project to get it looking good with a new bare frame?

The Radavist seems to like 3M Vivid tape for wrapping frames:

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