Basic 1x Road conversion

I am considering going 1x on my road bike. I was looking at a 46t chainring up front, with a 10-36 cassette out back. I would be curious if anyone has this combo on their road bike, and if so, how well it works.

I have 1x on my gravel rig, and really want this simplicity on my road bike. I will never race it, and I’m not worried about the jumps between gears that some folks are worried about. I would like a fair balance of top end speed and slight climbing ability, but I don’t have any long sustained climbs near me to worry about.

I run a 48t with a 11-32 combo in Colorado. A little steep for long climbs, but a 46t would be about perfect.

If I lived where it was flat or slightly rolling, I think I would stick with the 50t the bike came with.

  • Allez Sprint with a 1x SRAM Road Force

I ride a 1x road 50t w 11-32, can climb ok on it, can go fast on it. Its my crit bike

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Well, the cheapest way to convert is defiantly, switch to a “narrow wide” chainring.
for my bike, I bought a new Crank / 50t Chainring form Aliexpress.
fitted with
Sram Force 1 Shifter
Sram Red 22 Rear Mech
The down side?
There is one cog (the 5th) in the rear can’t be use, chain will always skip.
and there is a chance that the chain will come off in the largest cog.
but my local area is mostly flat, so i never really use that anyway.
Pic below

I have a 10-36 cassette with a 42-tooth chain ring in the front. I live close to proper mountains, so I opted for another climbing gear rather than a gear at the top end. I spin out at 65–68 km/h, which is plenty fast when out and about on public roads. At about 100 rpm I can easily do 50–52 km/h.

The 10-36 cassette is not gappy in any way, at least not any gappier than the 11-32 (SRAM and Shimano) cassettes I had on my previous road bike.

If I lived somewhere less mountainous, I might have gone for a 44- or 46-tooth chain ring, and perhaps even a 10-33 cassette.

IMHO 10-36 makes 1x an option for many road cyclists.