AI for FTP not showing up after completing 6 week training block [Resolved ✅]

Hello Ivy and Trainer Road Team,

I am also having issues with my AI FTP Detection not showing up. I’m in EST time zone and here in the states. Supposed to have my ramp test tomorrow (Tues 06/21/22) when I get up at 04:30 am.

Currently about 9 hours out from “ramp test” time and still not showing the option for AI FTP Detection. Thought maybe I need a phone update or app update, but both of those are both up to date.

Hey! Happy to look into this.

This is a ‘day of’ occurrence rather than an ‘x’ hours before. You will see the option to select the ‘AI FTP Detection’ key in the morning!
To test in the app, you can delete tomorrow’s Ramp Test and schedule it for today to ensure you see that as an option. I tried that on my calendar to test it and confirm:

:point_up: not an option for tomorrow,

:point_up: deleted Tuesday’s ramp test, scheduled for today, AI FTP visible.

If you do not see it as an option tomorrow, (or today if you delete and schedule for today to test), let myself or the team at know!

Thanks for jumping on this so fast Ivy. Working as it should now. Back to the grind tomorrow AM with a minor increase (3%) in FTP :slight_smile:


@IvyAudrain - has there been any internal discussion around allowing people to do the AI detection the day before? Personally, I would love this, and it sounds like it would solve so many questions we see on the forum. It stresses me out having no idea what my workout will be tomorrow. If I could do the AI the day BEFORE the ramp is scheduled, then it would give me the new FTP and tell me what tomorrow’s new workout is early enough to get my head in the game for the following day.

This is all relative. I would 100% do a happy dance if I could get a 3% bump! Congrats on the gains!

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I have good news for you then! We are working internally on more in-app education and notifications about AI FTP Detection, and future iterations of Auto AI FTP Detection will remove FTP testing protocol from your calendar all together. That way, you have lots of time to look ahead and mentally prep for your workout!

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