2022 Roval Rapide & Alpinist CLX II (now tubeless capable)

I‘d say no. The Alpinist are, at least in my mind a pretty poor value proposition.
It is a shallow, narrow, V-shaped rim, so it doesn’t really have much going for it besides weight. Extralite and Light bicycle wheels can build up for the same price, weighing somewhere between 100 and 200g less, while also being wider and deeper.
I currently run an Extralite Cyberdisc C339 (these are hookless though, there are hooked alternatives ifnyou fancy that) with Sapim Bladed spokes and Extralite hubs, weighing on at 1100g flat with tape and valve.

R2 bike does similar builds with rims from
beast components, Duke, and ENVE, all of which are significantly lighter (or if you like more aero) than the Alpinist.


That is my position, they passed industry tests and failed a Sagan field test. The bike shop made it clear that if I wanted tubeless the Roval options were CLX 50 and Terra. In December I bought the Rapide CLX knowing that a tubeless compatible second generation was likely coming. They have exceeded my expectations that were established on the awesome ENVE 5.6 Disc. I’m taller and heavier than Sagan, and my wheels are magnets for potholes/nails/screws/etc. The decision was easy - my Rapide CLX II will be here tomorrow and I’m posting an ad to sell my gen1 Rapide CLX.

I didn’t read all the comments, so excuse me if some of the things I am about to say are already said.

This is how I understand this situation.

Specialized - We designed an awesome aero lightweight wheel, order 10,000 rims

Segan - Ya Buddy! smack pop, rim blows out

Specialized corporate - shit what happened?

Specialized engineer - The rim bed is cracking and the sidewalls blow out from the pressure release because the carbon lay-up is too thin. we only tested the wheels with tubes which acts and affects failures different.

Specialized marketing/sales - Shit we have 10,000 rims, we cant eat this massive inventory. Sell them as tube only go go go.

Specialized corporate - wait a second, hey engineering can you test the shit out of this so we can make a new safety standard and stomp a bunch of competition for a while?

Specialized Engineering - on it, will data test the shit out of this

Specialized Marketing - Okay cool all of the CLX rims are sold out now, post new campaign “Check out the CLX II, its the same shape and design but with thicker carbon… this is such a big deal we are introducing a standard to protect you and the wheels are now somehow faster”

Every other wheel company - you went to a single bladder design for cost and shape and didn’t add air weep holes like your old wheels which we still do and you admitted they passed your new protocol??? Now we are going to get regulated and close our doors.

Specialized Corporate - yup, we are specialized bitch!

I will admit that I own a bunch of specialized product but dang that is a vicious industry to be in haha. I do remember this exact issue happening to Enve SES 7.8 wheels also when ran tubeless. They had the same issue at first and a lot of triathletes ran them at 100psi.


No one in this thread is claiming “fraud”.

In discussions like this, it would help if the counterpoints used the actual terms that were used instead of creating strawmen.

  • Yes, one person in this thread used that very term in pretty clear context (see below).
  • Russell replied directly to the post that contains that line, but didn’t quote it directly which might have lead to confusion here? In any event, it was said and covered in context appropriately IMO.

Ah, thanks…I scanned the thread before I replied, but I missed that line. My bad.

I’m going to claim fraud (LOL)… ordered front/rear Rapide CLX II and my card was charged. And this is what I received today:

and a little further down the box:




Hey, maybe the return shipping costs are high enough…
they will let you keep those and still ship you the ones you actually ordered.


My buddy Liam in Salt Lake said they want 'em back. Love his email sig “Keep the stoke” :+1:


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Is that in the box as well or is that just the box that is wrong?

Must not post “What’s in the box?” meme. twitch… twitch…


After I sent pics of the identical full size labels, dude at Specialized called the warehouse and confirm the box did in fact hold a Traveling SL 29 6B wheel. Another tell is I received a front wheel, but ordered a front and rear wheel. I’m too lazy to bother removing the staples to inspect, and then have to tape the box shut before shipping.

Well things improved quite a bit in 24 hours!

and with the shipping end-caps on hubs:

Tubeless valve stem pre-installed:

Need to swap the HG freehub with XDR on my gen1 wheels. When I ordered the rear wheel it wasn’t possible to specify the freehub.

Half stoked, will be fully stoked when the front wheel appears!


Real weight is highly appreciated

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Luggage scale:

Rear wheel with Shimano freehub.

And kitchen scale:


  • Wheelset 1,520g
  • Front 710g, Rear 810g (including 15g, tubeless rim tape and tubeless valve)

Does the XDR freehub weigh less than Shimano HG freehub?

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Front wheel just arrived! Specialized took care of me, waiting for the XDR freehub to arrive.


  • Wheelset: 1500g with factory installed rim tape and valves
  • front: 686g
  • rear 814g with Shimano HG freehub

@Aeroiseverything ^^

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Pretty good!

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What’s the part# for the XDR freehub? Is it ceramic as well?

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I dunno yet. And last week no part numbers for Rapide CLX II freehubs on Specialized support site:


It appears my gen1 Rapide have DT Swiss Sinc ceramic bearings, but still haven’t verified for certain. I’m saying that because I can see the bearings have a yellow seal as seen on this page: Sinc Ceramic Technology | DT Swiss