2:10h for a 70.3 bike: what does it take?

You are always at the point where you should e considering aero gains, no matter what your W/KG are. Aero always matters and it will always make you faster.


Will second that the tt/tri bike is always something to consider.

My dad(67) finally got tri bike for his last 70.3 a few weeks ago after averaging 2 a year for past 5 years or so on a road bike.

His main feedback when talking to him last week was not that he went any faster but he could basically go as fast as he had been going (17mph?) with less effort. Said that the difference in effort sitting up vs being in the aero bars was enough to force him right back down into aero anytime he sat up. Now just need to get him a power meter to quantify it.

That isn’t necessarily what OP is looking for as far as time savings, but just an example of how there are benefits at any speed. He could chose to make the same power and go faster too, he is sold either way.


Eagleman 2021 with the most windless day i have ever experienced. FTP was around 340 at 150lbs
Canyon Speedmax CF with PD front hydration and aero jacket disc cover


Just so there is no misunderstanding, I hate you.



Me too!

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Hang on a sec - did you snag the overall? I recall following a good buddy who rode 2:10:XX and the fastest ride was 2:08XX.

And… what are you basing your ftp on? Is that a tested 20 minutes, # wko spit out, a true hour, etc? Being able to crank a 2:08 on less than .8 IF is impressive!!!

I typically hit ~.83 for a couple minutes slower than you. If I go >.85 then I’m running by bike split, haha, but really

i got like 4th or 6th OA
at this point in my career i was only ramp testing, which gave me 350. But since now I only do long tests i decided to call it 340 just in case it was over estimated. here is 90 pdc for eagleman
edit: and taking the 70.3 power formula my avg power for the race was 78% of a 340 ftp

and where i was at this year for Blue Ridge. 340 for 60min