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Specialty Phase

Peak Fitness

Fine-Tune Your Peak Fitness

Specialized training is unique for each cycling event. The Specialty Phase focuses on fine-tuning your fitness and cycling skillset to the demands of your primary event. As race day approaches, your training loads will taper to focus on shedding fatigue and sharpening your fitness so you're ready to race.


Highly specialized workouts focused on Road, Triathlon, Off-Road or Enthusiast events.


Tapered workout schedules to prevent overworking while solidifying peak fitness and reducing fatigue.


Specific workout mechanics to mimic race conditions and fortify the mental strength needed to win.


High-level preparation beyond what's expected in events for an extra advantage over the competition.

Specialty Phase Training Plans

Road Racer

Hit the pavement and lead the pack with plans designed specifically for road racers.

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Crush the bike split for your next half, full, sprint or olympic-distance triathlon.

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Train indoors to crush it on the trail with plans to help you conquer the dirt.

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The perfect plans for new cyclists and athletes staying fit for the love of the sport.

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Date published: 11/17/2014
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