Tour of Sufferlandria
The World's Toughest Indoor Cycling Tour
January 24th - February 1st, 2015

“We make route for those seek GLORY. You want easy, you do Tour Down Under. You want donuts, you do Couchlandria Tour. You want ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK you ride hard in Sufferlandria.”

- Ruthless National Race Director Grunter Von Agony

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What is The Tour of Sufferlandria?

The Tour of Sufferlandria is a very fun virtual cycling challenge. It was started by and features nine days of intense workouts. Riders who register for The Tour on TrainerRoad will have specific time windows* in which to complete each workout. Those who complete the entire tour will get a badge on their career page showing their accomplishment.

Riders can also win very cool prizes. You'll need to make a minimum donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation of $10. Each rider who meets the minimum donation will be eligible for the donor prize pool, which has a ton of cool prizes.


Saturday, Jan 24th
Sunday, Jan 25th
Monday, Jan 26th
Tuesday, Jan 27th
Wednesday, Jan 28th
Thursday, Jan 29th
Friday, Jan 30st
Saturday, Jan 31st
Sunday, Feb 1st


This year we have two prize pools! The TrainerRoad Pool is a set of incredible prizes for all those who make a donation of at least $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation and complete the ENTIRE Tour of Sufferlandria on TrainerRoad. The Donor Pool is for ALL riders who make a donation of at least $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation.

TrainerRoad Pool ($4,000USD in prizes)

  • 6x iPad Air 2
  • 18x TrainerRoad T-Shirts
  • 18x TrainerRoad Watter Bottles

Donor Pool

  • 1x Fuji Norcom 1.1 TT Frame (55cm) from Cameron Dye (2012-2014 Lifetime Triathlon Series champion)
  • 5x Oakley Glasses
  • 1x UCI TT World Champion Jersey signed by 2014 TdF winner Sir Bradley Wiggins
  • And so much more... view full prize list

TrainerRoad + The Sufferfest

TrainerRoad kicks up The Sufferfest to a new level. Check out this short walkthough.

See it in action!

Rules and Disclaimer

Please read the Tour Rules and our Disclaimer.

  • Tour Rules

    You need to complete the Tour of Sufferlandria using TrainerRoad to be eligible for prizes. Rides must be done and uploaded on the same day as they appear on the tour schedule.

    Produce an effort that conforms to the shape of the workout. You may (if you are weak) turn down the workout intensity as The Tour progresses. But if you make it too easy, well, you're not gonna get a prize for that now are you? Although no Sufferlandrian would even think about it, if you, for example, just sit in at 30 watts you won't be eligible to win a prize. The Minions are watching you and The Sufferfest and Trainer Road Tour of Sufferlandria Executive Department of Making Sure Suffering Occurs will reserve judgement of who to include and not. (Having said this, totally destroying yourself on a particular day is not going to get you more chances to win a prize - get through The Tour sensibly.)

    Accept that before, during and after the Tour of Sufferlandria TrainerRoad and/or TheSufferfest may e-mail you with updates on The Tour, rankings and motivation.

  • Tour Disclaimer

    Trainer Road LLC and The Sufferfest strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition before starting the program.

    Trainer Road LLC and The Sufferfest are not licensed medical care providers and represent that they have no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition.

    You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury or death. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Trainer Road LLC and The Sufferfest from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Trainer Road LLC and The Sufferfest's negligence. Any references to 'pain,' 'suffering,' 'misery' and other such statements are meant purely for entertainment and we do not encourage you to feel these or similar sensations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the lowdown on the most common questions about The Tour of Sufferlandria.

  • When does The Tour start?

    As soon as the first time zone in the world reaches January 24th, 2015.

  • How can I tell which day I should do the workouts on?

    We'll have clear countdown timers once the tour starts so you can figure out when you should do the workout. The first stage starts Janurary 24th, 2015 at 12am Kiritimati time (UTC+14).

  • How big is the stage workout window?

    Each stage lasts for 50 hours. That means you have a 50 hour window to complete the workout and upload it to our servers.

    Each stage starts at 12am Kiritimati time (UTC+14) and ends at 12 midnight American Samoa time (UTC-11)

  • What if I have a hardware/software malfunction during the tour?

    We understand that "bad stuff" happens. If you run into a hardware/software issue drop us a line at

    We'll do our best to help you out and make sure your ride counts for the tour... just don't have 9 straight days of "malfunctions" and everything will be fine.

  • Do I have to donate to win a prize?

    Yes. You have to donate a minimum of $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation be eligible to win a prize in either prize pool.

    If you win a prize in the TrainerRoad prize pool, we'll cross check your name/e-mail with the people who have donated. If we can't find you, we'll let you know so you can send us info about your donation.

  • I don't live in the US, will you still ship me a prize if I win?

    Yes, it doesn't matter where you live, we'll pay for the shipping to get your hard earned prize to you.

  • Do I have to donate to participate?

    No, you can still do The Tour of Sufferlandria without donating to a good cause. If you complete the tour you'll still get a badge on your career page.

  • Does TrainerRoad or The Sufferfest make money from the donations?

    Nope. We don't get a dime. We've funded the prizes ourselves or with the help of our sponsors. 100% of the money goes to the foundation.

  • Will I get a badge on my career page if I donate but don't finish the tour?


  • Do I have to buy all of The Sufferfest videos to participate?

    You are not required to purchase any videos. We think working out with the videos enhances the experience and is very motivational. Plus, you'll have them forever.

  • I'm new to TrainerRoad. What's the required hardware setup?

    Check out our equipment checker page to make sure you have the right equipment.

  • Can I just do my workouts with my Garmin and send you the files?

    To be eligible for the badge and TrainerRoad prize pool you have to do the workouts with the TrainerRoad software.

  • I was deployed in a submarine, while on a business trip, and saved a kid from a burning building all at the same time so I missed one of the tour stages. Can you let me do the rides early or late?

    You're welcome to still complete the tour if you can't meet the scheduled dates. You won't be eligible for the badge or TrainerRoad prize pool. We do this to make it fair to everyone. You will still be eligible for The SufferFest prize pool if you make a minimum donation of $10.

  • Is this going to be fun?

    Yes, as long as you're a twisted individual who thinks suffering is fun. :-D

*Each tour day is active while it's that day anywhere in the world. It starts at 12am Kiritimati time (UTC+14) and ends at 12 midnight American Samoa time (UTC-11). This makes each tour day last 50 hours and days overlap. Local time is irrelevant. Rides must be completed and uploaded to our servers during this 50 hour window to be eligible to win prizes.

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